Are you our next Housenet Community Leader?

Are you our next Community Leader?

Earn 'Neighbour Points' to become 'Community Leader' of your suburb

Here at Housenet we want to create thriving online communities for every suburb in Australia. Our vision is for Housenet to become THE place you and other residents connect online to:

  • publish local news and opinion
  • share suburb tips, recommendations and crime alerts
  • meet neighbours
  • promote local events such garage sales
  • post lost and found notices for dogs and pets

But we can’t do it alone - we need your help. That’s why we’re inviting active locals who are passionate about their neighbourhood to become a Housenet ‘Community Leader’.

What are 'neighbour points' & how do they work?

We want to encourage neighbourly behaviour and reward you for adding useful, relevant content for the community on Housenet. To achieve this, almost everything you do on our site attracts 'Neighbour Points'. The more active you are on Housenet, the more points and badges you earn. Simple!

Here's just a sample of the hundreds of badges you can earn on Housenet:

Housenet badges

Who are Housenet 'Community Leaders'?

‘Community Leaders’ are members who help shape the online conversation in each suburb. They have special site powers and privileges to ensure other members in the suburb are using Housenet in an appropriate manner, so that Housenet becomes an effective communication tool for everyone in the neighbourhood.

Housenet Community Leaders can:

  • ‘Feature’great content posted by other members
  • Remove or edit offensive or inappropriate content
  • Promote the ‘code of conduct’ amongst members
  • Educate members on the ‘News Publishing Guidelines’
  • Help resolve disputes between members
  • Nominate other members to become community leaders

Benefits of becoming a 'Community Leader'

‘Community leaders’ are typically passionate locals who volunteer to assume a leadership role on Housenet for their neighbourhood. There can be multiple community leaders in a suburb. Resident Members who accumulate 100 ‘neighbour points’ can be awarded the status of Housenet 'Community Leader'. Community leaders may also be appointed at the discretion of Housenet staff, or nominated by other leaders.

Aside from your name up in lights, Community Leaders enjoy these awesome benefits:

  • 'Community Leader' title and badge in your profile
  • Permission to edit the community page
  • Moderator privileges and access neighbour forums
  • The ability to ‘feature’ good user content
  • Membership to the exclusive Housenet Community Leader’s Forum

Here's how we calculate your 'neighbour points':

Add classified listing

Add classified listing 4 points

Publish local news blog
(note: spam blogs with no meaning
or value will be deleted)

publish blog 7 points

Add comment or
status update

add comment 2 points

Create event

Create event 4 points

Forum post
Includes adding news pieces in the 'Neighbour Forums' of your official
community page:

- Lost & Found
- Recommendations
- Crime Alerts
- General News
- Real estate & property market

Forum post 5 points

Successful friend invitation

Invite friend 10 points

Create new page

Create new page 6 points

Upload photo / image

Upload photo / image 3 points

Upload video

Upload video 8 points

You can also purchase points by clicking on your 'Neighbour Points' score, underneath your name on the main newsfeed. $1 = 1 point.

  Purchase points  

So if you're in a hurry to become Community Leader for your suburb you can buy points to get there sooner.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking with activity, and you could be the first Housenet 'Community Leader' in your suburb!

As always, if you have any questions, please ask via our contact page