Own Your Market.

Nationwide or hyper-local. Online solutions for every budget.

Housenet provides a brilliant new way to reach your market. You can advertise products, goods, services, property - anything – and target members by type, age, gender, and location right down to local suburb level. There are five options available:

1) Display advertising

For visual impact, nothing beats banner advertising. Housenet offers a unique ability to reach residents, neighbours, home owners, investors, local businesses and housing professionals. Choose from a range of packages to suit small business and corporate budgets, with placements available across the site. Campaigns may target a national, state or local audience.

‘Own your suburb’ with a branding campaign for your postcode from just $149 p.m.

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2) DIY Text Ads

In a few quick steps, you can create a targeted, text-based ad that appears right across Housenet. These short, punchy ads have a limit of 135 characters and one image, so they're just perfect for individual and local business advertisers. At just $25 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions) they're budget-friendly too!

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3) Sponsored Classified listings

Our basic classified listings are awesome & FREE, but depending on the volume of new listings in your category, you may find your listing becomes hard for people to find the older it gets.

Keep your listing at the top with a ‘sponsored’ listing, for one week, two weeks, three weeks, or a month. The benefits are twofold: sponsored listings receive priority, ensuring your listings remain at the top of search results during the sponsored period. They also appear in the 'Sponsored Listing' block, effectively doubling your exposure.s

(You can also 'Feature' your listing by upgrading your subscription to a paid plan. This delivers more functionality to your listing such as video and extra photos. For more info refer to our Features Page)

Sponsored photos and videos

Got a great video or photo on your profile or page that you want to promote to the Housenet community? By sponsoring it you'll ensure your target audience sees it. These ads are charged on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) basis, and appear in the 'Sponsored Photo' or 'Sponsored Video' block within those pages.

Sponsored forums

Our Forums are a great way for people to demonstrate expertise in their field. Maybe you're proud of a forum post that was especially informative & useful to the Housenet community? Well you can sponsor that too. Sponsored forums get priority, so it will keep your thread at the top of the list. It's a great way to keep your name 'up in lights' amongst your target audience, and increase your engagement with new potential customers and business contacts. Charged by CPM.