About Housenet & Neighbour News Network

Local news & neighbours, 24/7

Housenet is your neighbourhood, online. We’re the site for local news and people in the suburb where you live.

Imagine an interactive, digital version of your local newspaper where you also connect with neighbours & even write the news together...

Where you have a powerful voice, and the community controls the local conversation - not some huge media corporation.

This is our vision for Housenet. We hope you join us, and make it a reality in your suburb.


Know your neighbourhood

How well do you know your neighbours? What’s really happening in your street?

A strong sense of community used to be a hallmark of Australian society. Sadly, this has largely disappeared in recent decades as cities and towns have become more urbanised and anonymous.

This is why Housenet exists: we want to help ‘bring back the neighbourhood’. By connecting you to the people and places in your suburb, we believe that social relationships between locals can again flourish.

There’s another reason too: print media is dying. Local newspapers are already closing across regional Australia, and soon each metro district will feel the loss of their own newspaper, and the distinctive voice it represents.

What - or who - will replace them?

We think the answer lies in people power - and technology. Housenet is the first platform that enables local communities to ‘crowd-source’ their own news from the contributions of residents.

It’s local news for the people, by the people. So to join Housenet, is to really know your neighbourhood.

Neighbour publishing local news

The Housenet Team

The local knowledge & global expertise of our people helps create a unique experience for Housenet members. Our team includes leading exponents of tech, design, publishing & community with our HQ located in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia.

Neighbour's having a chat and a coffee

Meet neighbours. Get published.

In tech speak, Housenet is a hybrid social network & online publishing platform. Resident members can both meet other neighbours AND publish articles on local issues. Or if you’re the quiet type, you can just kick back & read the stream of neighbourhood news and gossip.

How do we do it? We use a mix of algorithm and user-created content to provide a ‘hyper-local’ newsfeed, completely unique to your suburb. It’s like a micro-version of your local rag - it’s got everything you’d expect from a suburban newspaper:

  • News
  • Classifieds
  • Lost & Found
  • Events
  • Advertising for local businesses

And a wishlist of features a newspaper could only dream about:

  • Neighbour discussion forums
  • Crime alerts
  • Recommendations by locals

Indeed, amateur and professional writers are welcome on Housenet! We encourage you to use us as the publishing platform of choice for your neighbourhood news and opinion. We value quality writing, and your contributions (combined with the blog articles of other resident members) comprise the ‘Neighbour News Network’ - a powerful collective of citizen journalists reporting on local issues, nationwide.