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Honour Rosser

Please sign and share this petition.

Aaron lives with his family in the Queensland Gasfields.

He has cerebral palsy and is cared for by his devoted Mum and Dad, John and Jo Jenkyn. 
Formaldehyde and other contaminants have been found in the air inside their home.  They can no longer drink their water. 


The Jenkyn family live in what is now an industrial nightmare and they need all of us to help them. 
Sadie believes it is a human right to clean air, clean land, and clean water.

That right has been stolen from Aaron. This joyful soul deserves better. 

After visiting the gasfields Senator Glenn Lazarus promised to call for a Royal Commission into the human impacts of csg mining. 
Can you help us help him make that happen?

Together we can achieve great things for Aaron, his family and all those affected by this insidious industrial invasion. 
Let's tell our Federal Government that we as Australians will not stand idly by and watch foreign corporations annihilate the lives of our fellow Australians. 

Join with Sadie and sign the petition today.

Photos of Senator Glenn Lazarus and attending Senator Larissa Waters, some of the infamous Knitting Nannas Against Gas taken at the Brisbane Rally 21 May 2015.