Saving Australia - the time is now!

Honour Rosser

OK PEOPLE just for the record...

We who have to endure life in the gasfields in Queensland are human beings not being listened to by the Authorities that have the power to change what is happening out here.  With the exception of one Senator who has visited our town this year for a community symposium and with help from Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for the Haeusler Family after losing their home in Chinchilla Qld from the impacts of CSG.  TWO years Kylie contacted Ministers, MP's and various services for recognition and assistance.  The family 'occupied' the Premier's electorate office and they received emergency housing and immediate assistance.  They are now living in Tara.  Is this what it takes to be heard, put yourselves in their shoes?

We are not *scaremongers*, we are not telling people lies and misconstruing the truth we are telling it how it is and showing you the true picture.  We are not *activists from hell*, we are ordinary everyday people wanting to live with clean air, USABLE water and fresh food that has not had the risk of being watered with contaminated water.  Most Australians would expect this without hesitation and take it for granted.  We are not crazy over the top tree-hungers, nor eccentric, aggressive, opinionated people, just because we care passionately about the environment and national forests that wildlife depend on.  Just because we come together to tell the facts, we are not addicts, extremists, maniacs or indeed belligerent or have conspiracy theories. 

Continue as we are going out here and the consequences with be far reaching and we will all have contaminated food and water. Cattle have to eat and where do they eat and drink - are you willing to risk the food chain?

Unless we act on this our country will die, it is our responsibility to speak up - we cannot expect to use chemicals that leech into the land and waterways, have wells that leak, continue fracking, create more wells, more fracking, litter the country with machinery and make it impossible to take it back to what it was without severe consequences. 

There is no going back!

We cannot abuse the Earth like this and expect it to rejuvenate and revitalise itself. 

We also cannot sit back quietly ignoring the problem and expecting it to fix itself.


*Activists are also public watchdogs and whistle blowers, attempting to understand all the actions of every form of government that acts in the name of the people: all government must be accountable to oversight and transparency. Activism is an engaged citizenry.