Voices from the Gasfields

Honour Rosser

If you don't understand or realise what is happening re the Coal Seam Gasfields in Queensland, Australia (and UK and USA) this is something you must watch.

The Unconventional Gas Industry has attempted to buy the silence of those affected by their operations.

The Monks and the Jenkyns are among the few who refuse to take the gas companies' "Dirty Money".

I know these people personally, they speak the truth, there is no conspiracy here, no alterior motive, they are speaking to make people aware of what really is happening.  Is this what we really want for the larger areas of Queensland not already dotted with wells?

Indeed is this what we want globally - UK has one well, please tell them the message NO UCG, NO FRACKING, NO CSG the price is so high no amount of money can ever pay for what this industry is doing.  When we no longer have clean water to drink, what are we meant to do then, where is it going to come from?  

We need to fix this industry now before it destroys the whole of Australia. AIR, WATER AND SOIL.

Please take the time to watch this hour long video you really need to make time for your childrens sake and their children because what we don't do now our children will remember for the rest of their lives.