Unbelievable email says it all!

Honour Rosser

Senator Waters has called on the new Labor government to explain how they are addressing the toxic self-interest culture of the "revolving door" and "regulatory capture".

'The people of Queensland demand that our environment is treated with respect, and Labor must explain how they’re addressing this toxic culture.It’s long past time when land, water and people’s health should be prioritised over the private profits of the gas multinationals.’

Is it any wonder Australians have major concerns about the insane experiment of coal seam gas being played out on an unwitting public when the mining industry, the bureaucracy, the lobbyists and the government are all part of the same corrupt culture which lets mutual self-interest trump public concerns?


Media Manager DNRM's response

Deputy editor, Sandi Keane, sent Paul Lynch, Media Manager DNRM, an extract from the above story and asked for a comment. His email dated 8 April 2015 follows:


As a journalist of 38 years experience, I would consider the use of email material inadvertently sent and clearly not intended for your use to be both unfortunate and less than professional.

At the time I sent that email I was unaware who or what Independent Australia was. There was no intention to delay a response. It was a matter of determining from the Queensland Government’s Coal Seam Gas Compliance Unit whether there had been any update from the ongoing investigations into the nature and cause of gas seeps appearing in the Condamine River.

We provided your reporter with a response to his enquiry the very next day as follows:

The following comments can be attributed to a spokesperson for the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

“Investigations into the nature and cause of gas seeps appearing in the Condamine River are ongoing in line with the recommendations of an independent scientific panel.

It is expected that determining the source or cause of the gas seeps will require a long-term investigative approach to find science-based answers to the phenomenon.

The Queensland Government will continue to keep landholders fully informed about the progress of the investigations and findings.”

IA readers can decide whether it was in the public interest for her to publish the email sent to IA's Lachlan Barker and certainly not marked "confidential".

You can follow Lachlan Barker on Twitter @cyclonecharlie8 and Sandi Keane @jarrapin.



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