Honour Rosser

QGC aka British Gas have had a grand old time drilling thousands of gas wells and installing their toxic gas factory equipment around John Jenkyn's family home in Tara, Queensland. Each yellow triangle indicates a well - there are thousands. Estimates of up to 56000 wells are planned for Qld.

John's home is on the bottom right hand side (the patch of land without wells seen in the picture) of the Kenya Treatment Plant .

John and his family moved to their 155 acre property in 2005 for a peaceful life. At that stage there was none of this infrastructure here. Now John and his family 'coexist' with toxic brine ponds, reverse osmosis plants, compressor stations, turbines, generators,wells, separators, pipelines, drill rigs, high and low point vents, fifo man camps, flares, effluent dumps, lay down storage yards, the roads are sprayed with toxic waste water and there's an incredible amount of extra vehicle movements on local roads..

All the yabbies in John's dam have since died. Dead crows and kite hawks are a common sight. Wedgetail eagles, once common are now just a memory. In nearby Miles residents are observing cane toads with cataract-like eyes, their mouths open gasping for air and exhibiting Alzheimer's type symptoms.

John has high levels of aluminum, iron, and caesium 137, strontium and PAH's (among other goodies) in his rainwater tank.

John's disabled son and his young daughter both grind their teeth in their sleep in reaction to the incessant noise. 

John used to dunk a teabag three times in a cup of hot water for his cup of tea, his taste buds are now so dull thanks to the air quality that he puts three tea bags in a cup of hot water in order to taste it. He also has a constant ringing in his ears and a waxy film in his mouth (akin to the feeling of eating a cold sausage roll).

John's wife suffered an asthma induced heart attack in May 2013 when Murphy Pipe and Civil were installing the pipeline down the outside boundary of his property. The dust was so dense at the time that the Jenkyn's were unable to see out of their kitchen window. Not long after coming home, she had an angina attack. They still get an excessive amount of dust which resembles an ashy type substance. 

The QLD Government have only ever conducted two half hour air tests at John's property. They said that it's not too bad, the equivalent of smoking 5-6 cigarettes per day.

Despite repeated requests by the Jenkyn's, the Director of Darling Downs Health Dept refuses to test the family for heavy metals - apparently it is too expensive.

NSW Premier Mike Baird and his LNP cabinet are keen to see this situation replicated across NSW. They call it their 'Gas Plan'.

There is so much more to John's experience of co-existence.  Is this what you'd like for your family?


written by Carly Woodstock

5 February 2015