3 Reasons Why Carina Real Estate Is Booming in 2014

Deb Murphy

3 Reasons Why Carina Real Estate Is Booming in 2014 

Not long ago, the outlook was dismal for Queensland homeowners who wanted to sell. By 2012, average list times were approaching two months, and properties were selling for thousands of dollars below market value.

Fortunately, according to News.com.au, the real-estate market is experiencing a nationwide resurgence with homes selling faster and for higher prices. But it’s not the major metropolises that are leading the charge; in fact, the small suburb of Carina in Queensland is outperforming the entire country with homes selling within 33 days on average.

What, then, is the reason for this positive trend? Covering less than 5 square-kilometres, Carina is but a small town with a population just over 10,000. 

Perhaps it’s the cultural diversity within this tight-knit community. After all, nearly 30 per cent of Carina residents hail from foreign countries. This means more restaurant choices, personality types and, ultimately, a broader selection of activities and attractions. 

If you’re interested in moving to the area, or if you just want to know why so many residents are flooding in, here are three qualities that truly set Carina apart:

 1. Things To Do In Carina

In terms of entertainment, Carina may be best known as the home of the Tigers Rugby League Football Club. But if you’re not a sports buff, there are plenty of other things to do in Carina, from visiting historical sites to shopping in Queens Plaza.

Popular Carina attractions include: 

  • Broadway On the Mall
  • Anzac Square War Memorial
  • St. John’s Cathedral
  • State Parliament House

 2. Places To Stay In Carina

 Whether you’re visiting for the night, the week or your entire life, there are plenty of places to stay in Carina. Stylish homes and comfortable Carina hotels are, no doubt, part of the reason for the town’s popularity. 

If you’re visiting the area, consider one of these places to stay: 

  • Camp Hill Hotel
  • Need to Escape Brisbane
  • JBK Brisbane Homestay 

3. Places To Eat In Carina 

Carina residents represent a multitude of nationalities. The community hosts people from New Zealand, England, India, South Africa and the Philippines. 

All this cultural diversity makes for some excellent dining choices. Popular restaurants include: 

  • The Roman Empire Restaurant (Italian)
  • Wagamama (Japanese)
  • Elio’s (Italian)
  • Yum Cha Cuisine  (Chinese)
  • The Antique Restaurant (Asian)
  • Mons Ban Sabai Thai Garden Restaurant (Thai)
  • Villa Maria Mexican & Latin American Cuisine (Latin American)
  • A Night in India (Indian) 

It’s a safe bet that these attractions and the allure of a tight community will keep the Carina real-estate market healthy. But if you’re just visiting Brisbane or the Queensland area, consider adding “things to do in Carina” to your vacation itinerary.