Popular areas in and around Brisbane

Racheal Gillbert
There are a lot of young active people who like to travel and enjoy life In the capital of Queensland. This is not least because in Brisbane many elite universities and boarding schools are located. Especially during the holidays the paradises like Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast always have something going on and draw an awful lot of young people from all over the country. Not to forget the casinos on the Gold coast also attracts the gamblers from all over the world. Those who love to gamble but don't have time to go on a land casino can also play online as it is legal here.

Endless sandy beaches, rare species of animals, a lively party life and many events Humour is very important here. Surfers Paradise is a popular destination by backpackers, because there are budget accommodations, numerous restaurants and like-minded people from different nations. Although the name of the place actually suggests that there will be a lot of surfers who throw themselves into the raging waves. Surfers Paradise is still a paradise with international flair and a lively nightlife.

Fraser Island, also the largest sand island in the world, appears again and again in the holiday plans of many tourists. If you're lucky a dingo will cross your way or you meet a kangaroo. The island is a UNESCO Heritage Site for several years and is rich with animal and is very popular with campers and nature lovers.

When you think of Brisbane, then one should also thinks of Moreton Bay, the huge bay with the many small idyllic islands. There is hardly a better place for water sports and scuba diving. Though the great beaches of the barrier islands are particularly popular, of course, the city center of Brisbane must be mentioned. The people here like to make night into day, meet in one of the numerous cafes scene, drive sports together in the huge park right on the water and look forward to the international events that take place here often. The mix of city and nature make Brisbane a real experience.

It may not always be Sydney or Melbourne. Even the lesser known cities, such as Brisbane just have so much to offer and are increasingly popular with young and old. Whether exploring the nature, a visit to the large theme park, a holiday at the endless sandy beach or simply a fascinating tour of the metropolis-Brisbane is exciting, and friendly people here to receive their guests from all over the world with open arms and enormous zest for life.