Melbourne - The world's most livable city

Hugo Garcia‎

Australia the great continent which is mostly associated with kangaroos, long desert roads, dry climate, beaches with the soft sand, spread out gardens, amazing man-made landmarks such as Sydney Opera house and many more. It is a multicultured country having large diversity and the same is applied on the cities of Australia. The article is about the multicultured city of Australia, Melbourne. Talking about the wonderful city Melbourne which is gorgeous, densely populated with lots of shops, cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Luxurious City:

Melbourne is one the most luxurious city in Australia which includes streets, boulevards, luxury restaurants, bars where visitors and the locals spend there most of leisure time. To enjoy fine vintage wines it has expensive restaurant. If you are an art lover, sports fan, a lover of fashion items or new tasty dishes - you are here in Melbourne. Everyone here can find something for everyone.

Natural Beauty:

Night walk on the Yarra River on a luxurious boat surrounded by poets, artists and people with beautiful manners and royal gardens of Melbourne will not leave you indifferent. The mind feel a surge of strength and indescribable energy by seeing the natural beauty of the Yarra River. Here you can hire knowledgeable guides who will take you through all the famous beaches, galleries, wineries and talk so much new and interesting things which amaze visitors with the exciting history of the city. Visitors can check rates on website and book a vehicle according to there budget and travel needs.


For craving some new knowledge of students in Melbourne, there is a special, language schools and EF Embassy. There are short-term and long-term courses, and you will not regret, because training in Australia is built on the world's most advanced techniques. These specialists and native speakers to help you learn all the most complex rules.


Being in Melbourne is simply impossible to miss the Australian Grand Prix, "Formula 1", which stands for Albert Park for four days in March. Watch in purpose-built track, as the world's fastest riders rush past at speeds up to 300 km/h. One can find the capable elite models such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus and for the tennis lover visit the best tennis players in the world matches in singles and doubles for men and women in the Australian Open in Melbourne. This is the first Grand Slam of the year, which is held in late January.

And at the end of your trip you can visit you can visit many different performances live and feel the old way of life in Australian cities.