Sydney: Capital city of New South Wales

Brandon Lee

Sydney is located in a beautiful bay which is blessed with extraordinary beaches and surrounded by forests, national parks and hills. It is a great spot for sightseeing or even to stay and live. Mostly, the weather remains very pleasant and the days are sunny with warm temperatures. Although it is a fairly large city, Sydney does not feeling cramped or excessively noisy or dirty. Its inhabitants came from all over the world and tried to create a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere.


                                                                 Night View of Sydney

Fun, sports and ultimate leisure is part of the cultural heritage of the city. Compared to other major international cities, Sydney has major museums and historic landmarks of great significance. Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales state and is located on the edge of Parramatta River, along with the Pacific.

Over the years, this city has become a benchmark worldwide, with famous monuments such as the Sydney Bridge and venue of such momentous events as the Olympics. Sydney is listed as one of the most cosmopolitan cities and good quality of living in the world. Some of the most representative locations to visit are: The Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the AMP Tower, which offers an amazing panoramic view of the city. 


                                                         Night view of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney has the plenty of airports, the most important being the Kingsford Smith International Airport for local and international flights, located eight km away from the city. There are daily flights to Asia, Europe and North America, New Zealand and the Pacific coast. You can land in Sydney from other capital cities of Australia, less than one hour flight from Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.  After arriving  at Sydney airport you can choose from several transportation services like trail, bus service or take a vehicle on rent. Find out more about car hire service providers at Sydney airport.

In Sydney you can navigate under the Sydney Harbour Bridge by boat, kayak or from the ferry while crossing the harbor to Manly direction, sailing next to the Opera House. Bondi Beach is the most iconic beach in Sydney. It is a major center for backpackers. Walk 6 km from Bondi to Coogee Beach, you will pass through by stunning beaches, with majestic views. Learn surfing at this beach or enjoy swimming in the calm waters of Coogee.


                                                                       Bondi Beach

From the city center you can take a ferry to Manly, a suburb just north of the city. Manly is a beach peninsula between the bay and the ocean. Take a walk along the Manly to have the best experiences of have different views of the bay and the city and the ocean. Enjoy walks through the cobbled streets of The Rocks or enjoy the markets, cafes and discos of Paddington region. Besides a world-famous harbor and over 70 beaches, Sydney provide tourists with an incredible cuisine, leisure and lots of festivals.