Property owners without adequate insurance could face financial ruin!

Jhai Mitchell

Property owners without adequate public liability insurance could face financial ruin if tenants or their visitors are injured on their rental property.  And the worst part about many accidents is that they could easily have been avoided.  Classic examples of problems that could turn into legal minefields include windows that do not have safety glass, balconies and stairs that are not secure, slippery paths and inadequate lighting.  Some other potential hazards are:

Trees - overhanging, low, or unstable branches should be lopped
Roof Tiles & Guttering - should be secure to prevent injuries from flying debris.
Balconies - need to be stable, with no rotting posts or supports
Windows - should have safety glass
Taps - should be fitted with temperature controllers to prevent scalding
Garden Hoses - pedestrians can trip on hoses left on footpaths
Electricity - safety switches must be installed to prevent electrocution
Garden Paths - should not be slippery, or have loose or cracked pavers
Stairs - should have stable safety rails
Carpets - must be in good condition and not frayed or in need of stretching, which could cause an accident. This is especially important on staircases

Given the explosion in litigation (generated in part by the aggressive advertising by the legal fraternity on a ‘no win, no charge’ basis and the increasing number of class actions) we believe that public liability insurance is a necessity for all property owners.  You should check with your insurance adviser to ensure you have the correct policy and sufficient cover, at your own home and investment property.