How to 'check in' to local places & businesses on Housenet

Housenet Staff

A little while ago we introduced a really neat new feature called 'Check In'. If you're a heavy user of Facebook or Foursquare  you will be familiar with this; it allows you to easily share with others where you are (or have been).

For Housenet members, it's a great way to show neighbours, friends, & community the places & small local businesses you love! 

First we'll show you how it looks on desktop (and then how to 'check in' on our mobile site, below)

1. Start posting a 'status update' and the 'check in' box will appear. Click on it.


2. Select the location from the menu or add your own. Then hit share. Easy! You have now 'checked in' & your Housenet friends can see where you've been.

Now for our mobile site. Follow these steps...

1. Log in to Housenet on your smartphone. Click 'other' tab

2. Select 'check in' option from menu

3. Allow Housenet to use your current localtion, so our system can suggest local options


4. Post a comment or status update, select place or business you want to check in to. Click Share.

5. Your 'check in' then appears in your feed for other Housenet friends to see & comment on!

PS: If you are a small business, we recommend you register with Google Places ASAP. This is the data source we use for lcoal place suggestions for our 'check in' feature. That is, if your business is registered as a Google 'place' you will appear as a local suggestion in our 'check in' system for Housenet members.