landlord/tenant relationship and discrepancy between the agreed rent, Could this happen to you?

Jhai Mitchell

We recently came to the aid of a landlord where the landlord had rented and managed his own property in Seven Hills to the same tenant for nearly 2 years. The tenant became aware that there was a discrepancy between the agreed rent and the rent stated on the RTA (Residential Tenancy Agreement), and as such stopped paying rent and made a claim against the owner for overpaid rent. It also came to light that other areas of the agreement could also be seen as contentious.

What had started out as a healthy landlord/tenant relationship had deteriorated to a point where the matter is now before the C.T.T.T. (Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal) with the outcome yet to be decided.

The Seven Hills landlord has realized however, that any saving of managing a property himself has cost him much more in time,  money and effort as he was not fully aware of current obligations under the Act.