Jhai Mitchell

If you thought you were paying more for the services of tradespeople, you were right, according to a Housing Industry Association (HIA) report that shows tradies remain in short supply and prices continue to rise.

HIA says that across Australia the price of 13 key home building trades climbed 0.4 per cent over the March quarter to be up 3.4 per cent over the year. The trades seeing the largest annual price climbs were ceramic tiling (10.4 per cent), roofing (9.9 per cent), ‘other trades’ such as maintenance and repairs (9.5 per cent), bricklaying (8.6 per cent) and plastering (8.2 per cent).

The price increases reflect a continued skill shortage in the trades, according to HIA chief economist Harley Dale. Quarterly trade prices increased 6.8 per cent in regional Queensland, 5.7 per cent in regional Victoria, 5.2 per cent in regional New South Wales, 2.9 per cent in Adelaide, 2 per cent in Brisbane, 1.8 per cent in regional South Australia and 1.5 per cent in Sydney, HIA reported. Prices fell 5.7 per cent across Western Australia and were down 0.9 per cent in Melbourne.

As your Managing Agent, we continue to work closely with our key Tradespeople and in turn we are fortunate to have quality Contractors who provide trade work at competitive pricing. However in some trade areas we have experienced delays simply due to the supply and demand of particular trade work eg qualified carpentry or building and fencing. We strive to minimise delays for our Clients with constant follow-up and sourcing of other suitable Contractors.