How to Blog like a Rock Star

Housenet Staff

Blogging is a great way to make your point, demonstrate your knowledge and engage people in online conversation. If you run a business, it's also one of the absolute best (and cheapest) ways to boost your visibility on the internet and generate leads . There are some great resources out there on how to blog effectively  and why you should blog.

Housenet provides a powerful, FREE blogging platform for all members and this article explains how you can blog like a rock star in just minutes! We'll cover tips for SEO (search engine optimisation) below, but first, there are some general principles that all good blogs observe: 

  • Target your audience. Who are your writing for? Once you know who you want to reach, it's much easier to get the message right.

  • Write useful content. If you add value, more people will read it.Think about what information your audience really wants.

  • Keep it short. Don't waffle, make it nice and punchy. Three or four paragraphs, not three or four pages.

  • Link to sources. It's not only good form to acknowledge sources but it also makes for a richer reading experience.

  • Show personality. Strong opinions, humour, and wit are all good ways to attract readers. Be remarkable, and be read!      

OK, so you're ready to get started. In order to get the most from your blogging, there are some key things you can do to maximise your visibility online:

Step 1. Go to blogs and click on 'create blog'.

Step 2. Include keywords and geo-targeting in your title.

For example, if you were a real estate agent in Surry Hills writing about how best to sell local property, you'd include key search terms and location in your title. This will make it much easier for search engines to find your post, and should dramatically boost your exposure.

Step 3. Embed links back to your own site or page. If you blog regularly and do this each time, it will help improve the search results of your own site in the major search engines. This is a FREE but highly effective way that you can use Housenet to lift your own SEO.

Step 4. Select appropriate categories. Other Housenet members may search blogs by multiple categories so this can increase your visibility on our site. It also makes it easier for external search engines to find the post, thereby increasing your wider readership.  

Step 5. Add 'Topics' tags and select privacy setting.  Once again, Topics tags are another way for search engines to find your post, and to connect your content with the people you're trying to reach. For the widest exposure, set privacy to 'everyone'.

Thanks, and good luck with your blogging adventures!

Housenet Staff