Have you considered the Work Health and Safety Act ??

Rosy Sullivan

Part of the aim with our College Chronicle is to remind you of things you may already know but assume are the responsibility of someone else, or even items that you do not consider at all in your daily work life but take for granted as being in place when they are needed. One of these really important, and at times lifesaving, items, are our Workplace Health and Safety systems and First Aid Kits.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 sets out an Employer’s responsibilities for ensuring that their employees are not exposed to risk within their workplace, and where that exposure to risk is unavoidable, an employer must ensure that there are measures in place to manage and minimise the risks to employees.
Safe Work Australia have released a set of guidelines for employers to make understanding the Act a little easier, and they clearly state an employer has the following obligations to:

Provide first aid equipment and ensure each worker at the workplace has access to the equipment.
Ensure access to facilities for the administration of first aid
Ensure that an adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid at the workplace or that workers have access to an adequate number of other people who have been trained to administer first aid.

The obligation to have first aid equipment within the office is an easy one to understand, however the first obligation states that an employer must provide first aid equipment and ensure each employee has access to that equipment.   Agents need to consider what the workplace actually consists of. The majority of you, both salespersons and property managers are probably listing in your head right now that your workplace consists of:

  •    the office

  •    the car

  •    open homes

So, if you can list at least the above three places you consider to make up your workplace environments, how are you and your employer ensuring that your workplace is compliant with the WHS laws?

Business owners ensure that their companies have insurance to protect them from losses if a customer hurts themselves in their workplace.  We expect our insurance to cover the same injuries should they occur at an open home viewing, and we insure our cars so that we do not suffer loss if we have an accident between leaving the office and arriving at that open home viewing.  But have you ensured that you have a mobile first aid kit in your car in case there is an accident either on the road or at your open homes? These places are considered, for a Real Estate Agent, to make up part of their workplace, and as such are considered to fall within the same rules for WHS, so, do you have a first aid kit in your car?

Just for a quick reference, you can purchase mobile first aid kits, specifically designed to keep in your car, from Amada-Amavic who are a leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler in the First Aid and Occupational Health industry.  They provide quality First Aid Kits.  Amada-Amavic has been assembling First Aid Kits and manufacturing First Aid products for over 65 years and is 100% Australian owned.

Amada-Amavic were a Platinum Sponsor of the Premier Auctioneers Competition, and as such are making a special offer to real estate agents.  The kit usually retails for $145 + GST.  The special offer to our students for a first aid kit that is suitable for up to 10 people is $99 incl GST.  This is an offer not only too good to be true from the discount applicable to our students, but also from a safety perspective for yourself, your colleagues and your customers.  Be safe.