CPD Update

Rosy Sullivan

Most of you will have received the notification that there are new Guidelines issued by the Director General of Fair Trading as of 14th October 2013.  In summary, the Guidelines have withdrawn Category 2 training, which was the training previously provided by industry peak bodies who were not a Registered Training Organisation.  Under the new Guidelines, there are now only two categories of training ~ namely Category 1 which is general training conducted by any person or organisation that relates to the property industry.  However, you must remember that you can only gather 4 of your 12 required CPD points from Category 1 training and points can only be granted based on one point per hour of interaction in the training.  The other category remaining is the old Category 3 training which is training offered by a Registered Training Organisation or one of the peak industry bodies that were previously Category 2 training.  You can gain 3 points per hour through participation in Category 3 training.

For you, as students of the Australian College of Professionals, there is no change to how you will complete your CPD training, as we have always conducted Category 3 training, which is based on structured learning with an assessed outcome and is linked to the learning areas specified in the Director General’s Guidelines.  Make sure that you continue to choose a Registered Training Organisation such as our College to complete your CPD in order to ensure that you are compliant with the new Guidelines.