No # 1 need that Sellers require from Real Estate Marketing

Barry Osborne

In selling your home by yourself or selling your home by an agent it is the same issue, how to make your property stand out from all the rest!

The issue has not changed much whether it is in the press ads or on the internet, your ad is competing with all the other ads that are there. The only major difference now is that the scanning process by the perspective buyers has shortened to something like 3 seconds. So you have to ensure that whatever you are doing in the presentation of your property, it must be grabbing the attention of the buyer and stops them from jumping onto the next advertisement. We want to engage with the perspective buyer and want them to read more.

This seems the major goal since advertising started.

But the issue we now have is that there is greater competition to grab the attention of the person doing the searching. The Entrepreneur has made this an art form where they can often take a product that is already in the market place but re package it to be differentiated and appear much better than the others. The major issue with Real Estate Marketing is that most of the advertising that is being done is making everyone conform to thesameness. So it is no different whether it is a press ad or a portal ad there is certain conformity about all the ads.

So everything is working against you to achieve your goal. But there are ways that it can be achieved, which are:

Method #1 Step away from the Crowd

Whilst ever you stay within the crowd you stand the chance of being lost. Offer an incentive to move to another site; such as an Individual Property Website so that the interested buyer has the ability to receive the complete information on the property. See this as a similar exercise in business where in business you take a good perspective client on a one to one meeting away from all the distractions of the group so you can focus on their specific needs.

Method #2 Be Different

Don’t try to conform to the sameness but try to make the whole ad different and most importantly create an interest where the person has to read more about this property. Sometimes this results in the development of new gimmicks that one will latch onto only to be followed by others and so the difference maybe short lived and then you must find a different gimmick. But in the internet world the best differentiation can be the use of sincerity and honesty. Most ads are written by professional writers and the flowery words used again create the sameness and leaves hollowness in what is being said. It is great to have included the stories of living in this home from the present owners of the property being written in their own straight forward honest way; what a pleasant difference.

Method #3 Be more Complete

The potential buyer is searching for their ideal home or investment property. They all want to make the RIGHT decision and the only way they can achieve that is by making the best informed decision possible. So you must give them all the information that they require and also make it easy for them. Don’t make them work for it, have it available and it is just a click away. Once again you come to the realisation that what is required is more than just an advertisement you need an Individual Property Website where all the information is kept and most importantly it is constantly being updated or added to which is totally different to a static advertisement.

Most people these days are time poor, they want to do something now and they want to get the information when they need it and that could be in the middle of the night. If they have to phone a sales person to get the information than I am sorry to say, they won’t wait they will simply move onto the next property and if that one gives them what they want, they put it on their list and reject or forget the other. You cannot afford to lose perspective buyers.

But what is now required is a STEP UP to a different level in the marketing of property and that will only occur with the use of Individual Property Websites. So take up this Introductory Offer now and start giving buyers what they want, complete information.

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