Real Estate Marketing requires mindset change from Selling to Helping

Barry Osborne

From my earliest days in business, I found out that good business was always looking after your customers and keeping them as ongoing customers instead of constantly finding new customers. This may be more difficult with Real Estate Marketing because of the frequency that most people are selling their home. But one should never underestimate the power of the satisfied customer, and the destructive influence of the dissatisfied customer.

But the issue with the Real Estate Agent is that their mindset is totally focussed on sales because that is what they are hired to do and it is also how they can make their money through the commission system. Under the old model that was okay because if anyone wanted to sell their house than they went to the local Real Estate Agent who had a shop front where he could display your house for sale. Anyone looking to buy in the area would go to the local agent.

But welcome to the advent of the Internet!

Things have changed drastically and now the buyers can simply search the internet at any time and in the luxury of their own home and search for properties that are available and more importantly from all agents. So the tie to a particular agent is not so definite and does it really matter? A buyer simply wants to buy a good property and will deal with anyone to achieve that even the “Selling your Home yourself” vendor. So the strength for the Real Estate Agent is in the listings that they hold.

So the real attachment that a Real Estate Agent needs is the Link to the Sellers. But Sellers are becoming more educated in the selling and buying of everything on the internet and that will only make them rethink as to how they should be selling their home and with whom or simply by themselves. The seller does not so much require a salesperson any longer but they do need advisors and negotiators. So the emphasis has been taken away from the basic “Selling” skill to a more experienced person who understands much more than simply selling.

It has always been said that TRUST has to be earned.

In the old days building the trust of your customer may had taken you years of experiencing situations with each other that eventually earned the business owners the long term relationship. This was because it was the resolution of the issues that occurred that proved or disproved the integrity of the relationship.

With the advent of the Internet, we have an opportunity where we can build relationships with people even before we have done business. Some people appreciate the power of Internet and have now been handed a communication opportunity that never existed before to the level we have now. The smart ones are using this to its full advantage. These people see that the internet is simply giving people access to a resource to solve their issues in life. So it has created an avenue where in nearly every field, people can demonstrate their experience and expertise by writing solutions to every day issues.

To make this work in Real Estate Marketing, the mindset has to be on “HELPING.”

This is going to be a mammoth step for a committed salesperson because all they know is how to sell. In building this trust and getting people on the Internet searching for you, you cannot be seen as offering the hard sell; it will simply turn them off. Remember this is the time for Inbound Marketing where people come to you because of your assistance in solving a need they have.

The good news is that strategies such as cold calling are no longer effective and you will now need to learn new skills. These new skills will simply call upon your expertise and knowledge of your industry.

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