7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Temporary Fencing Instead of Hiring

Jayde Ferguson

When needing temporary fencing for your next project, the question that easily stands for most people is why buy when you can hire? Renting seems like an easy and convenient option, especially when the initial cost may sound cheaper. Buying your own fencing however leaves no room for inefficiencies and hidden costs, factors that can ultimately trap you into a decision that gives inadequate value for your money’s worth.

We look at the benefits buying temporary fencing entails and how your choice can improve not only the size of your wallet, but the competency of your next, and future projects.   

1. Extended Use and Long Term Projects

Although we like to plan in advance and believe every project can stick to a specific deadline, sometimes there is just no getting around emergency situations or influences outside our control that can leave your development running over time.

Buying your own temporary fencing gives you the freedom to use it for extended periods and long term projects, without the hassle of rebooking, paying extra, changes in costs or dealing with paper work you just don’t have the time for.

2. Another Contract Added To Your Stack

On the topic of paper work, there is nothing worse that adding another rental agreement to your filing system.

As with any rental agreement, details of the contract need to be reviewed on a yearly basis, sometimes even monthly.  If you want to change rental companies before the contract is up, then you’re looking at more costs and the removal of your existing temporary fencing to replace with the new one. 

Like with any rental, you have a duty to maintain and care for the product in order to give it back in its original state, according to a strict agreement. As a company owner or manager, you will need to monitor the price over the period of the contract, ensuring your still getting the best deal. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Owning your own temporary fencing takes out the endless paper work, time consuming check overs and replaces it with a hassle free, easy to manage system.

3. Pay Once, Save Heaps

As opposed to hiring, buying gives the benefit of paying once, and once only. Because you don’t own rented fencing you have absolutely no control over the costs involved, making any sudden changes in price an unexpected hazard to your project’s budget.

Although the initial cost of hiring temporary fencing can appear cheaper than purchasing your own, the cost savings after your first or second project are significant and beneficial in the long run, eventually paying it off.

4. Flexibility and Control

Most of us would rather buy our own home than to rent one, why? Because it gives us more control.

When you own something, you have a say in it and therefore rules out unreliable delivery services in the installation process and gives you what you want, when you want it – not when it’s available or convenient for someone else.

5. Quality Assurance

With a rental, you never know just how many people have used it before you so there are no guarantees on the quality and durability of the product.

General wear and tear, or previous damage are the common problems of hiring anything so buying your own temporary fencing comes with an extra element or quality, and if you’re really lucky, a warranty.

6. No Hidden or Additional Costs

We all know what happens when you do damage to a rental – costs seem to sky rocket before you have a chance to inspect what’s even happened yourself. Of course there are costs involved when you damage your own things too, but rest assured it’s a lot less.

Additional costs add up, from loan extensions to penalties for misuse and unfortunately it won’t be you that will be obtaining the quote to fix it.

7. Simplicity of Specs

When you’re running the project, the setup and component specifications are relatively simple. Hiring unfortunately comes with the difficulty of relying on someone else to set up the temporary fencing and restrictions that can be put in place by the rental company.

Again, the flexibility of owning the product has never been simpler – giving you more control over the details of installation and specifications resulting in no waiting and installation problems.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson who writes for  http://www.temporaryfencingshop.com.au/" , Australia’s leading supplier of temporary fencing solutions.