Selling your home by Agent requires much scrutiny.

Barry Osborne

In this weekend paper I read an article “Agents go viral to sell” written by Kieran Rooney. He also made the point that Real estate will move away from traditional offices on to your phones. At long last, people are seeing that things are changing in the way you are selling your home in the future.

So what will we expect from our real Estate Agents in the future. I think it is going to be very clear that Agents will have to lift their game to a much more professional level. When an agent takes your property on, it should be much more than simply adding your property to their listings. You want some individual attention to your property and the fee that they are getting justifies that.

But the biggest change should come in terms of TRANSPARENCY of the service which you will receive by signing a contract with them. They must start to commit to something tangible, a list of services that they will carry out and the time spent in carrying out the task of Selling your Home.  

So what are the stages to go through in signing a service contract with your agent? Well, the following things should be considered:


If I was doing any business deal that was going to be worth tens of thousands of dollars than I would make certain that whoever I was contracting to for this service I would put them through a very thorough scrutiny by ensuring the following:

  • What is this company going to do for you in order to make this transaction work?

  • What are the benefits of using this company in preference to another company who maybe offering a similar service?

  • What are the specifics of their strategy?

  • Who do they thing are the type of buyers that will be interested in your property?

  • Is their marketing strategy involving modern day internet marketing that is innovative or is it the same old style of property marketing?

  • How much time are they going to allocate to your property?

  • What specifically is their action plan in ensuring a good sale

  • What is the valuation of the property? Are you in agreement? What data do they give that backs up that valuation? If they simply start talking about it is the market that will determine it, find another group to deal with.

  • You would ask some very detailed questions to ensure you are comfortable working with this company and respect their knowledge.

You would sign nothing at the end of this meeting. You would want to sleep on the matter and more importantly speak to other companies as well.

So why is it when it comes to contracting a Real Estate agent that it is often treated so very superficially?

In many ways it seems that it is not a big decision and often an agent is selected simply by whether they seem a nice person, a good salesperson. Whether you pick one or another does not really matter. Well it does! I have said in my blog many times, that the effect of a not so good Real Estate sale could be felt for many years in regards to your asset base.


After doing your research and hearing from a number of agents, you are probably at a stage to be able to sign up with a particular agent. They will want an exclusive contract which is okay if you have gone through Stage 1 properly but if the selection process is simply whether you liked them or not, then you should not sign an exclusive contract because it is simply on the basis of achieving a sale and the best sale person wins.


This has to be a well thought out and a well-planned Marketing Strategy. There is much work to be done prior to sale but once it goes to sale you want a short intense marketing strategy that will include much more than running advertisements. You need your property to stand out from all the rest and not to simply blend with all the rest whether in the press or on the internet portal.

The best way to achieve that is the same way we do it in business. Is by creating a good website that gives all the reasons why your business is better and the benefits of using your company. Well, the same with Selling your Home, you need an Individual Property Website that gives all the information that a buyer needs and all the personal stories why this property makes an exceptional home.

So don’t take the Selling your Home lightly, and give it the best chance possible by using modern marketing techniques and not the same old methods. So demand to have your property with its own Individual Property Website, it is so easy to do and so economical with this Introductory Offer. 

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