Selling your Home online means much more than running advertisements

Barry Osborne

Real Estate Business must step up from simply changing from running press advertisements to running portal advertisements. This is simply not enough. Internet Marketing requires much more from the modern Real Estate Agent in Selling your Home online.

As I have said before, there is no greater sale that you make than selling your home. We stand to lose more than anything else and the effects of a bad sale can be felt for many years to come in our financial position. For such a major sale therefore we need to be putting together a major Marketing Strategy and not simply a basic advertising programme. But this is what many Real Estate Agents are doing, simply putting together a few very expensive advertisements which do not have the potential to bring the necessary results in this day of Internet Marketing. 

Let’s consider the difference between Advertisement and Marketing.

Advertisement is the action of making generally known; a calling to the attention of the public. It is normally a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.

Marketing is the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising and selling.

So it can be seen that Advertising is a simple act of placing an ad in a paper or such but Marketing is an all-encompassing act that includes everything that will bring forth the sale. The biggest change that has occurred is that much of the old ways of advertising has become not as effective because people have now switched from the old types of media.

The real issue that everybody has to face in marketing is that there has occurred an enormous transition away from traditional media and most people have become very sophisticated in the way they now receive their information. As we all know, that most of it is through the internet and more and more business is being achieved through Social Media.

So why do Real Estate Agents continue to spend our money on press advertisements? Good Question!

I believe the real answer to this is that for many it is the way it has always been done and they don’t know how to change. Others still see much benefit in having their agency being promoted in the press ads which benefits the agency but not necessarily the Seller of the property who is paying for the ad.

Now some have made the transition of moving their ads to the portals such as  ,  and many other sites. But this is still just advertisements.

But it is essential that if Real Estate Marketing wants to meet the market place then they have to lift their marketing to another level.

Like with everything else that is happening with Internet Marketing, the focal point has to be a Web Site. This has to be the same for Property Marketing. In today’s market if you want to reach as many buyers as possible than you will need a multifaceted approach that will include some very specific advertising but it must encompass other modern mediums that are now available in order to find the discerning buyer. It is this type of buyer who will be prepared to pay more because they are not simply looking for a bargain; they are looking for a wonderful home. Once found they will fight to attain it.

The modern day Real Estate Agent will have to do much more than simply running a few ads to find the discerning buyer.

But the real difference in the Marketing Strategy is the ability to make your property stand out alone and not to be just one of many choices. This must be done by getting the property out of the portal and into its own website where it is sold on its own merits. This is not saying that you do not use the portal advertisement because this will be an important part of your Marketing Strategy in allowing potential buyers to find your property. But once found you want to direct them to your Individual Property Website that will give them all the critical information that makes your property such a wonderful purchase.

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Most of today’s marketing is being done in the bottom section and the problem that is occurring is that it leads nowhere. If it simply leads to the advert on the portal or to the Agents website than you are now back to being compared to all the other properties on the site. You need to be directed to an Individual Property Website and you must ensure it is an active site not simply another advertisement.

The way we market property will change because of the changes that people are making in their lives and the way they gain information and relate to the market place. Real Estate Agents will be left behind if they do not lift their game and become more involved in Inbound Marketing.

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