#4 critical changes to make to Real Estate Marketing!

Barry Osborne

Our personal wealth is very much dependent on how well we have bought and sold our homes during our lives. Therefore we must make certain that the few times we do it we make it a winner each time. Different Real Estate Marketing techniques are required in today’s market in order to get to the right buyers.

The model that is being used for marketing a property today in order to attract the attention of potential buyers needs much more different tactics than have been used in the past. It has been a simple exercise in the past to simply run a number of press advertisements and the job was done. But are you getting the reach that you require to achieve the sale with a good result? Simply replacing those advertisements with advertisements on the internet portals are not going to be sufficient. There are too many properties that are in competition and your property is lost in the mob. It is essential that your property stands out from the rest.

This really means that we have to be doing Real Estate Marketing very differently if we want to achieve our GOAL of having our property being treated as an individual entity in the sale arena as it deserves. The Real Estate Industry has to make some drastic changes in order to in order to align themselves with other industries and therefore will need to make some changes such as:

CHANGE # 1 – Treating your Property as an Individual Property

If you are Selling your Home yourself, then this is no issue. You are single minded about the marketing of your property. But if you are Selling your Home by Real Estate Agent then you want to know how much single attention your property is going to get. Most Real Estate Agents are single minded in making SALES, which includes as many properties as possible. So this is what has to change. The Seller is paying thousands of dollars (nearly a half yearly salary for a basic person), so a single property should be receiving a relevant amount of individual attention in line with the commission that will be paid.

CHANGE # 2 – Start marketing properties with a price

If we want to educate the market about what values properties are worth, then market properties with the prices. Stop propagating this GREED mentality, where Sellers are entering the marketing with a house sale with high expectations when the likely hood of achieving it is very low or similar odds as winning the lottery. If the Real Estate Groups really want to educate the Sellers than the best way is by broadcasting the prices before sale and more importantly after the sale. It wouldn’t take long for people to appreciate values. It is only some Real Estate Companies that continue to push Auctions and no advertise price and they are the same who sell high marketing costs in press advertising as well. But I am sure Sellers will become wiser with time and put their foot down and say no more. This could only improve the industry.

CHANGE # 3 – Lift Real Estate Marketing up to a higher level

The world is changing rapidly from Outbound Marketing (invasive form getting in people’s faces) to Inbound Marketing (giving helpful advice that attracts clients). They say that this is the Honest Economy where companies have learnt to treat their customers with respect. This has created fantastic opportunities for good companies to show their sincerity and their caring for their customers by developing good communications through the Social Media. How this will develop into actual sales is for us all to develop further but it is guaranteed that this will be the way we market in the future.

CHANGE # 4 – Lift the image of the Real Estate Agent

I think many people would agree that a Real Estate Agent is not held in high regard in the community as a profession. Professionalism is achieved by doing more than simply being well dressed and the men always in suits and ties. What is the difference between two Mormon males and two Real Estate Agents walking in the suburbs? The Mormons get on bikes to leave whereas the Real Estate agents get in a Merc or a BMW. The professionalism comes from the advice given and the respect earned from their assistance. Change #3 would greatly assist in developing a better image, so it is a real opportunity to use Inbound Marketing to improve image by earning respect for the helpful advice given.

The Real Estate World needs to wake up and realise that no longer will you gain credibility by simply putting your name and poster on bus terminals; the modern day clients expect more. It is no longer simply about image, it is all about the respect people have for your knowledge and assistance that you are offering to people with a Real Estate need. Either satisfy that need, or someone else will, but getting in their face will soon become so obsolete. We have had enough of getting the cheesy smile images from our politicians so no more.

Out of all these changes there is one critical tool that is required and that is getting properties onto their ownIndividual Property Websites. This cannot be ignored and sooner or later people will see the relevance of this move. We do it in our marketing of our business services or products, than why not our properties when we are selling them.

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