The case FOR Selling your Home by Real Estate Agent

Barry Osborne

It is the same with any industry or profession you are in, the difference between adding value or not will depend largely upon your TRAINING, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and INNOVATION. So in Selling your Home by Real Estate agent make certain you are getting those attributes in the agent you choose because your assets are in his/her hands.

To become a Real Estate Agent is not a big step for anyone to make. The certificate can be achieved with little input of time and money compared to so many other professions. The easy transition for anyone becoming a Real Estate Agent is no guarantee of becoming a GOOD Real Estate Agent. To achieve this, they must develop their skills from their previous background or training in other fields or by on the job development.

But nothing can replace on the job experience, where you come across issues that hinder bringing a deal together and more importantly understand the intricacies of the human being as a buyer and seller of property. We can never forget that the Buying or Selling your Home is one of the biggest transactions that anyone ever does and if it is done badly, the result could cause irreparable damage to a family’s asset base for years to come. 

So let’s consider some of the points in the case FOR Selling your Home by Real Estate Agent, which are:

  • A Real Estate Agent is a specialist’s sales person who after a number of years in this field has developed an intricate knowledge of the property market in the area in which he/she sells.
  • Most people buy property in the area in which they now live. So a Local Agent is most suited in knowing what properties are for sale or even more important as to those properties that are about to come onto the market.
  • A local Agent also has a full appreciation of valuations of property in their area and in the present market.
  • An agent can give that extra advice as to the presentation of the property through independent eyes. It is always strange as to what others see compared to what the owner sees.
  • An agent can offer the services of a negotiator in bringing a deal together between Buyer & Seller. But I think it is so essential that it is very clear as to whom the Agent is really working for.
  • This is the Agent’s full time work so they are able to devote much of their time to getting the information out to perspective buyers as well as trying to pull a deal together.
  • In their discussions with the potential buyers, they may achieve important information about the property, as to its value or even its deficiencies, which they may not tell an owner directly.
  • They are another realm of thinking for the owner which ensures the owner is not only living in their own head. This could be an essential reality check for the owner.
  • They are also the consultant which is keeping the emotion in check for the owner. Points can be discussed as to potential buyer’s opinions and be discussed on merit not emotion.
  • Remember if you are Selling your Home than there is a good chance you may be in the market to be Buying a Home and if this Agent does a good job, it may be the start of a good relationship for them to assist in finding your new home at the same time.
  • Agents will have available to them clients who had been looking at other properties at this time who may have not purchased as yet but are ready to purchase now.

But just remember that with all these benefits, you are paying for it in the commission and therefore you should take full advantage of what services and advice they are giving. It is strange that in this one area, we seem to lose site of the fact that this transaction is a very costly transaction but for some reason, we don’t seem to consider it as a Fee because it comes out of the monies received. But you will soon feel the result of the fee once you are left with the net amount to reinvest.

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