Should you be Selling your Home with or without a Real Estate Agent?

Barry Osborne

To be raising this question regarding Selling your Home means that it is happening. It does not take much time on the internet to see how much it has advanced that people are now attempting to do this and the number of sites looking after the Selling your Home yourself is assisting them.

The world is changing at a fast pace, and we seem to be learning to do more and more things for ourselves. In the 80s and even in the 90s, it was the normal to have a PA who did all your typing and data entry. But we soon learnt to do it for ourselves by the beginning of this century. So it is not unreasonable to think that you could be Selling your Home by yourself. It appears that with the advent of technology, applications and portals became available and their goal was to make things easier and easier.

To look at this question as to whether you should be attempting to be Selling your Home yourself, you will be asking yourself a series of questions, such as:

#Question 1 Are you allowed to be selling your home yourself?

The simple answer of this is YES. But you are not allowed to sell someone else’s property and charge a fee for it unless you are a Licenced Real estate Agent.

# Question 2 What will it require from you to do this?

The biggest requirement is time and knowledge as to how about putting a good marketing strategy together that will ensure you get to enough potential buyers that guarantees a sale at the price you want. This of course will include preparing the property for sale as I have spoken about in previous blogs. In many ways, this has been up to you to be committed enough to make this a good sale. Much of it is common sense, but again you have a wealth of knowledge to support you on the internet. If you cannot allocate sufficient time to this project, than find a good Real Estate agent, don’t attempt it yourself.

# Question 3 What skills do you require to be Selling your Home?

It is essential you understand the Sale process and you are not threatened by having to negotiate with buyers. But many of us are now using the internet for selling our excess items on Gumtree or eBay or more directly by garage sales. It is a wonderful thing to see the transition from where we were reluctant to do things to now where we will give things a go and along the way we learn that we have skills we were not aware of.

# Question 4 What does a Real Estate Agent have to offer?

As with any career, the person within a vocation becomes a specialist who has gained the experience that has allowed him/her to be competent in a field because they understand all the steps to take and appreciate the things that can go wrong. The greater is the experience the greater will be the knowledge hopefully. More importantly they are doing this every day of the week, when on average you as a home owner probably is only involved in Selling your Home once every 10 years or so. A lot can change in 10 years in a market place.

# Question 5 What does it take to become a Real Estate Agent?

Compared to many vocations, it appears to be not very much. Just Google it for yourself, and you can see that you can do a Fast Track Certificate Course for 2 days and pay $660. So really the Real Estate Agent is just a Sales person with a certificate which ensures they have the understanding of the legislation under which they work. Much of the credential is developed from being in the job like any other Sales person. So by Selling your Home yourself you are not competing with highly qualified specialists.

# Question 6 What will it cost for a Real Estate Agent to be Selling your Home?

This will vary between the states of Australia, but again you can Google it and find what the recommended Fees are. In Queensland, it is around the 2% and in NSW it can be as high as 4% but as you can imagine it is all negotiable. But look at these figures, a city home in Brisbane could be worth on average $440,000 which equates to a fee of $8800. But many of our homes are worth much more, say double that and so it becomes a significant fee. In NSW, it is even worse. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be so bad because it comes off the price of the house. But it should.

So I hope this helps in your dilemma as to whether you should give it a go for yourself, or stay with the old proven system and leave it to the experts.

Whatever your decision, it is definitely worth a consideration especially in a market where your home has lost market value from the time you bought it 8 years ago. But which ever way you go, then still take control as to what is happening and the most important thing is to have your own Individual Property Website. 

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