Determine your Marketing Strategy before you start Selling your Home

Barry Osborne

A marketing strategy is NOT about a statement as to how many ads are we going to run and where. The new world of marketing is about answering questions as to “who is the buyer you are looking for?” & “How do I make contact with that type of person?”

Yes we are in a whole new world of marketing because we know that the ads in the press are not working so if anyone is asking you to spending your hard earned money on press ads without justification as to why, then I would be saying NO and keeping my money in the bank.

The focal point of all modern day marketing is a website. Property marketing is no different and if you or your agent is not using one, then they are locked into the old world of marketing which is only going to limit the reach that you will have. The success of your whole marketing campaign is dependent upon reaching as many people as possible in your target group and to be able to monitor your reach you require an Individual Property Website.

The components of your marketing campaign must include:

NO #1 The Individual Property Website

The Individual Property Website offers you the following benefits:

  • A focal point to direct interested parties to
  • A site that is more than an ad, because it is regularly updated
  • Once created, it stays there until the property is sold
  • It allows the owners of the property to tell their STORIES that really demonstrate why this is an exceptional property
  • It is information packed with all the information that the buyers could ask for
  • It has individual analytics that monitors the interest
  • It holds interested parties to your property and not directs them to other properties that may attract them to other properties

So in this new world of marketing what do we include in our marketing strategy or do you think that after you create the Individual Property Website that is all you need.


Creating the website is just the beginning and the centre of your marketing strategy not the total. The other issue you have is that the property marketing situation in Selling your Home is very limited in time frame. You hope to have your house sold within 3 months and within that time frame it is impossible to be able to get your website to a first page Google search. So your goal is not to expect your website to be the be all and end all, it is simply the central hub of your whole marketing strategy.

NO #2 Attracting the Buyers to your Individual Property Website

This can only be achieved by using many types of media both old style like press ads and new style like social media. But remember the focus is directing all this back to your Individual Property Website.

Individual Property Website Hub resized 600

NO #3 Using Press ads in a different format

If your buyer is in an older group of people than a press ad may still be of some help but that may not be the case with a younger group of buyers. The aim now is to make your ads be attractive with large photo, great heading and the web site. If people are interested then they quickly go to the website to get all the information.

NO #4 Using the Portal adverts

The Portals are seen as the next step up from the Press ad but it is seen as the be all and end all. That is not the case at all. It is just another ad to attract buyers, great for buyers but for sellers their property needs to stand out as one on its own. A buyer on a web portal simply puts in the search parameters and a large number of properties come up. One extremely important point is that people’s attention span on a website or portal is down to 3 seconds. So in this list of properties that the person is scanning, you have 3 seconds to win them. The time restrictions means that they are not going to read much, it is left to scan perception and it will come down to a good picture and a good headline. Make it work for you. The problem with the portals is that all properties look the same. You need to get the potential buyer to click through to your Individual Property Website.

NO # 5 Using Target Marketing in your Locality

Don't under estimate the power of Social Media, use it to get the message out through your friends and colleagues and direct all contact back to your Individual Property Website.

It is a fact that most buyers come from within close proximity to where you are selling. You need information sheet to hand out or to leave in various areas in the locality. One I have found useful is a Property Card; similar to a business card but just a picture on the front of the card with an enticing headline and the website address. Even better is to have a QR code on the back of the card with a phone number. They are cheap and easy to hand out.

If you find putting this marketing strategy together a little overwhelming than there are companies that will help you to do this and in working with someone you are entering in a discussion with some other thinking which is great.

The importance of having a Private Property Sale Strategy | Coast to Coast Media

But no matter what, the most essential thing that you need is the Individual Property Website. Agents will ask you to spend up to thousands of dollars on a press ad which is there for just one edition. Now you can get an Individual Property Website for less than one hundred dollars. How can you afford not to? Better still it is so easy you can do it for yourself. Click on the Introductory Offer now below.

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