Prepare your property before you start Selling your Home

Barry Osborne

Doing a good paint job, is all in the preparation. So is the case with Selling your Home, the more effort you put into the preparation and the selling strategy, the more likely the desired results will be achieved. 

There are so many good articles available on the internet giving good advice as to what you should do to prepare your property for sale. Quickly, looking on Google I came up with:

There is a common thread in all these about depersonalising, de-cluttering the house, and doing all the necessary jobs to spruce up the house. All these articles are good and you should read and take in what they are saying. Isn’t it just great what the internet can give us, we are not alone any longer?

But I would offer you something different as to where you start. I wrote an article just recently on marketing personas. Real Estate Marketing hits the target by using Marketing Personas. You should read it. Know your customer and this is definitely so true when selling your home. Who do you think will be buying your home? There are probably a few types of people who will look at your property, which are:

  1. The buyer with the money to buy what they want to be satisfied. Your house has to be new or well renovated and all the inclusions are looking as new or near new as possible. But these people are looking for something that they can take over and everything has to be A1. They do not want to have to fix or renovate nothing, so you better do it before the sale. If you do this than you could get the returns you deserve.
  2. The family buyer who wants a house in a better location or with greater space than what they have now. They are looking at the future and want something that they can upgrade at their own time frame but the house is of a standard that is liveable now and they can renovate over a period of time. They will overlook minor defects as they understand work has to be done. So everything does not have to be perfect, but you have to be in the right street, right suburb to make the money. They will overlook because they know they have to do the work.
  3. The investor who wants a bargain and realises that this property has potential for the future. They will be looking at the property in the short term to rent so they are looking at rental income and that is determined by size and whether it is in a sort after area close to transport and universities as they are probably looking more to the young for rentals. They want size and in a reasonable condition so that they don’t have to spend more money. They may be considering the demolition of the building in a few years, if possible or a major renovation, or simply hold until the market improves to resell.

There are probably more groups than this but you can see that different buyers have different requirements and it is no good going to too much expense for say the last two but you better go to the expense in the first case.

It is so critical to understand your buyer before you sell and to focus on those things that will be important in their mind. There is much to consider as you will see in the above links, but some points worth mentioning are:

  • Look at your property through the eyes of the buyer. Go to the other side of the road and look for yourself at those things in the yard or house that reduces the impression on the property. Walk to the property and to the front door and ask yourself “Will this property impress a buyer and what things work against that?”
  • De-clutter because this makes the place more spacious. All those buyers above want size.
  • Cleanliness and well-presented premises always impress. Don’t underestimate it. You know how important it is to get that good impression right from the start. The sale will occur as soon as an impressed buyer walks in the door, then they simply want their decision confirmed.
  • House has freshness about it which can be difficult in older houses. Coffee percolating can create the right bouquet you require.

The greater part of your marketing campaign is to impress the people who inspect. The important thing is how to get people there. That brings up the point of advertising and so below here is an eBook you should read that will give you the history of advertising. Read it and understand how things have changed and you as the vendor should make certain that who is ever involved in assisting you in Selling your Home, is using the latest ideas. Download now.

  Selling Your Home\u0026amp\u003B Advertising  Selling your Home by understand the changes in Advertising