How to make Real Estate Marketing more rewarding for the Seller?

Barry Osborne

To achieve this goal we must put the Seller in more control of their asset and their sale. Real Estate Marketing is no different to many other things that have changed in our lives. Computerisation followed by the Internet has left us just a few clicks from whatever we want.

Following on from my previous blog, Real Estate Marketing seems so different from other marketing strategies and more importantly of other forms of the selling process. The facts are pretty clear that changes are occurring in a number of ways such as:

  • Most customers will do research on the Internet about the product they wish to buy or the company to do business with.
  • What they find will affect their decision.
  • So if companies are not active on the internet, then they will miss out on the customers.
  • It is not only about presence on the Internet, the CONTENT is king.
  • Internet users are attracted to companies who solve their issues but more importantly are freely helping them with solutions to their problem.
  • The Internet now offers a platform for customers to express their views both negative and positive.
  • The potential for customers to make changes in the market place is enormous.
  • Low behold the company which doesn’t take the time to take note of what is being said.

What this means is that organisational and market changes will occur much faster in the years ahead. It is my opinion that Real Estate Marketing has been lagging behind other Industries in taking up the Internet Marketing phenomenon. It appears that it is a difficult concept for the Real Estate companies to think further than placing advertisements either in press Real Estate magazines or on internet portals. We must take a much bigger step than that in order to appreciate where we are heading.

Let’s now consider the roles of the Real Estate agent, which may include the following:

  • Understanding the Real Estate market place

I simply Google “property prices Brisbane” and I get

This is just a start and I am sure within a couple of hours of research, I could get a good idea of the property prices in Brisbane. This I could then test out with discussion with a number of agents.

  • Has a client data base of potential buyers

I simply Google “houses for sale Brisbane “and I get

Now some of these will only allow Real Estate agents to post adverts but then I can overcome this by going to other sites for “selling your own home”, which will give you access to the above sites as well.

After just selling my own property in the last couple of months and found the buyer on the first inspection and received what I paid in 2007 which was the peak of the market, I can assure you it is not a difficult task as long as you have the time.

  • Has a knowledge of the best way to present properties for sale

I now Google “how to present my property for sale” and I get free advice from all over the world and with a little bit of research and reading I receive all the hints I need to make a good job of it.

  • Has a designed regime of marketing property

So instead of spending money on press ads which we now know only bring limited results, we can get to all the web sites we need where our property notice would go anyway. Who will know your property best if you have lived in it for the last 10 years? You of course; and these stories would be more interesting to a potential buyer than coming from a script writer which makes all the ads look the same. The goal is to make your property stand out from the rest and the one thing that will achieve this will be the personal stories.

  • Have specialists that they use in photography, graphic design, script writing and other services that they may need

What services do you need? Again, just Google it and you will have plenty of expert advice or help.

  • Are an Independent negotiator between Buyer and Seller

The facts are that many of us are now selling on eBay or Gumtree and we seem to be handling the situation without much difficulty. But some people may feel overwhelmed with this responsibility and in that case, you should hand it on to someone with more experience. So Google “need a sales negotiator for house sale” and again I am sure you will find good advice as well as a person offering this service.

I am sure that agents will come up with many more points to add to the list, but this will be sufficient for my needs to demonstrate the in roads that the internet has made to the Real Estate business as well as many other businesses. This only requires all of us (not just real estate agents) no matter what our business is, to be sure we are creating a service to our customers that they cannot do without or is so good that they know they cannot match.

This blog is in no way attempting to undermine or belittle the role of the Real Estate agent and the use of the agent is a personal decision for yourself to make. But if your agent is not taking on the new technologies to get to more buyers than it is up to you to insist. This Digital Revolution in marketing is here for all businesses not just the Real Estate Marketing.

There are two services that you do require no matter what and they are:

#1 Legal Services. DO NOT ATTEMPT YOURSELF get a reliable and professional conveyance solicitor and I am sure Google will come to your aid to introduce you to one if you don’t know one.

#2 Individual Property Website. You need one place to have all the updated information, stories, documents, pictures, virtual tours and much more about your property. I have that for you and even better you can do it for yourself but you can always ask for help. Click on below and get started.

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