How can we make twitter for Real Estate work?

Barry Osborne

First recommendation is not to do what I did. Social Media in Real Estate is going to grow in importance with time. You can ignore it or be smart and start to use it now and learn how it can add value to your business. So many other businesses in other industries could NOT be so wrong.

The two biggest mistakes that I made were as follows:

  1. I didn’t get to follow and grow the number of people and organisations as quickly as possible.
  2. I should NOT treat social media as simply a dumping ground by simply publishing blogs and then republishing them on the various social networks.

A friendly person on Google+ who I did not know but who was good enough to take the time to give some very good advice, “would you go to a meeting with colleagues and simply deliver a lengthy speech on some topical subject and then just walk away.” His advice was to treat people as if you are meeting them in person. Don’t just talk at them, have a two way conversation so both parties learn from the encounter.

The problem I see is that our background in marketing and sales leads us to focus on MEDIA, when we should be focussed on Social.

As I have said so many times, it is so easy just to prepare an advertisement and place it in the media. But now our community of customers expects more from us and we better step up to the mark or otherwise we will be finding that we are losing market share. We see how important the various Agency Brands are in the Real Estate Market and yet one of the best ways of building a strong Brand has been through Social Media and more so through twitter. The change we all have to make is NOT to be simply broadcasting information which may not be read to the degree it is hoped. But what we want is ENGAGEMENT.

Read this information out of the US where 25% of top brands still use Twitter for broadcasting rather than engagement.

What I cannot understand is the reason why Real Estate Agencies are not getting heavily involved with Social Media. I see Real Estate Agencies having the following needs:

  • To develop their agency Brand
  • To differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • To maintain data bases of clients or contacts
  • To regularly communicate with their clients in a supportive way
  • To impart a wealth of information and advice on Buying & Selling property
  • To be able to communicate quickly to groups in a very efficient and quick way
  • To broadcast updates on their properties
  • To improve their image and professionalism in the community

To me the Real Estate Agencies are an ideal group to be heavily involved in twitter.

The biggest deterrent to CHANGE is the mindset that is against CHANGE and holding onto the past and old systems. It brought a smile to my face reading a Real Estate discussion where one person was making the point that when the internet was just coming on board, people were saying it was just a fly by night fad. The change will come, and Twitter will build prominence in the marketing world as is explained by Trevor Young in this article What companies can learn from my five years on Twitter. For many years in business I have believed in what I referred to as Relationship Marketing, even when Social Media wasn’t even around. Social Media has taken this concept to a total new degree and made it a whole industry. As Trevor says “Twitter is all about relationships, thus to be successful and build a following and a reputation in the space it’s important to do the same things on Twitter that you would do in real life to build relationships.”

I believe the real estate agencies are well suited to twitter as it covers so much of the needs they have and even more importantly it is all MOBILE friendly, so they can do so much on the run. They made the change to email and now you cannot understand how you could operate without it. Now this is another development to allow communication and the building of relationships with your clients. All you have to do is to make the change, develop the systems and make it happen. 

Another article will describe the message system Making Most of Your @ Messages.

describe the image Don't forget to follow and I follow back, that is how it starts.

We have come to know that this is the age where CUSTOMER is fully in control. They are using all forms of Social Media and more importantly twitter to have their say about you and your company. You cannot afford not to be a part of these conversations about your company or industry. Worse still is the situation where they are not even talking about you, as if you don't exist and that maybe where you will end because you thought this was another fad. So learn now, become a part and download this important eBook.

Learn to use Twitter  Twitter for Real Estate