#20 important points when using twitter in Real Estate Marketing

Barry Osborne

Do you remember a few years back when twitter came to the market and everyone said “who would use this?” Well times have changed and many businesses are now getting on board as part of their marketing strategy. Can we ignore Social Media in Real Estate and more importantly the use of twitter in Real Estate?

STEP 2 Making twitter work for you and your business

Twitter was seen as no more than a network for engaging in conversation all within the limitation of 140 characters. But it has now grown to be an exciting medium by which companies can create a positive brand image with their customers. The potential for feedback for companies is enormous and can set new directions for companies and even development of new products. So don’t under estimate its potential. It may not be for all businesses but that has to be determined and you can only do that by testing and analysing your efforts.

Your goal is not to simply be engaged in the twitter world but use it as a tool for reaching fans of your business or product who then become leads and eventually customers.

As stated by DJ Quik “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.”

So what are those important points that I should remember when using twitter. They are:

#1 Choose a Unique and professional username, obviously, your company name.

#2 Make certain your twitter bio is attention grabbing and contains at least one keyword

#3 It is important that you develop a large following. So spend the time building your following and it is important to follow back to those who are following you. So let's get down to business, you follow me and I will follow you.

twitter follow

#4 By Following someone, you now allow for direct messaging. Follow a broad band of people like Industry Leaders, competitors, similar people but don’t forget your customers follow them because they may talk about your service and products.

#5 You are allowed 140 characters in your tweets but data shows that tweets of 120 – 130 characters have the highest click through rate

#6 The goal is to make your tweets so remarkable that others are retweeting it, making you the authority figure

#7 US data has shown that 15 – 25 tweets per day is ideal for increasing following. To achieve that you need to have some form of scheduling software like HubSpot or HootSuite which allows you to prepare a steady amount of content that will automatically be published.

#8 Twitter can make money, don’t underestimate it

#9 Twitter differentiates between “a reply” and “a mention” by where the twitter handle is positioned. In the front it is “a reply” anywhere else it is “a mention”.

#10 Content is supreme like in other areas of Inbound Marketing

#11 Twitter is a place of positive brand communication and conversation

#12 Twitter is a place to generate LEADS

#13 Twitter is also good to share your offers

#14 Connect your blog to your twitter feed

#15 When a user sends a question, answer it and be helpful in the response and if possible put a Landing Page in your response by offering an eBook which explains more.

#16 Use hashtags as a way to integrate marketing campaigns. Here is an article on the How to Of Hashtagging which you may find interesting.

#17 The Golden Rule of twitter is to be building a following to ensure you are reaching as many people as possible

#18 Develop twitter chats which are really the next level of hashtags. Good idea to have an offer (another eBook on the topic) for those involved to help push lead generation.

#19 You need to be able to monitor the effectiveness of what you are doing in twitter and this will be achieved by tracking a user who is clicking on a link in your tweet, to visiting a page on your website, to filling out a landing page and ultimately converting into a customer.

#20 Research has shown that 64% of users are more likely to purchase from businesses that answer their questions on twitter. Can your business afford not to be a part of twitter?

WOW this will take some effort. But more importantly needs a commitment to make it work.

The one realisation I have come to is that Social Media in itself is a massive task and not a simple task as marketing has been in the past of using yellow pages, placing advertisements in papers, or advertisements on internet portals. It is a large undertaking by you but most importantly you have to be monitoring your effort to ensure it is effective or otherwise you could be wasting a lot of time.

So take the effort to download this eBook and read in detail how to set yourself up properly and more importantly learn about the do’s and don’ts of using twitter. Download now for FREE.

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