6 Benefits of Individual Property Websites in Real Estate Marketing

Barry Osborne

Life becomes much harder when you seem to have no control over what is happening in your life. Such is the case when you are selling your home; you put the sale in someone else’s hands and you hope they achieve it. But no longer!

In the previous blog I mentioned how important our home is in relation to our personal wealth. Therefore, you should do whatever is necessary to maintain the value in your major asset. There are probably two major factors that will affect the sale of your property, and they are:

1. The Timing of the Sale

The housing market goes in cycles and of course the golden rule is to be buying in a falling market and selling in the rising market. If you are like me, for some strange reason I am doing the opposite to what is being prescribed. There is probably very little you can do about this because it will depend on your economic circumstances at the time which will determine whether you have to sell or not.

2. The Exposure you can achieve for your Sale

This is under your control and you can do something about it. You can do nothing or you can take some responsibility and do as much as possible to get the sale known to as many people as possible. This is not a question of whether you sell through an agent or not, it is about you achieving the best price and that is determined by the number of interested buyers and that will be in proportion to the number of people who are aware of the sale. You should be adding your support to the process so that as many people are reached as possible.

So if you are broadcasting the news of your intending sale, where are you directing them?

This leads into the real benefits of the Individual Property Website, but if the site is going to be of any value then we must look at the benefits from the Buyer (who we want to attract) perspective not the seller. These benefits are as follows:

 #1 It is more than just an Advertisement

It is the central Hub of your marketing campaign. There will be a whole range of marketing that will be done to achieve the level of awareness that is expected. But no matter what sort of marketing whether it is press advertising or other website’s advertisements you want everything referring back to the individual Property Website. The advertisements are a little light on the information so that interested people do have to click across to the Individual Property Website. This not only registers their interest but also is a monitor of the effectiveness of your particular marketing at the time.

#2 The Price of the Property

Having a property for sale without a price is only encouraging potential buyers to skip onto the next property advertisement. Maybe this could be the one attraction to get the buyer to click from the advertisement to the website, by saying price is on this website, click here. But firstly, the seller must have put enough effort into determining the right price for the market of the day, justifying it in an attached document, and be happy if they got that price or close to it.

#3 It is the central point for all relevant information & documentation

You must consider as to what is the important information about the property that a buyer would want to make an informed decision about the purchase. Make these documents available on the website. There are so many documents or plans of the house that could be on the site for potential buyers to peruse or download. The more information you have available will only give greater confidence to the potential buyers. You want to impress them with all the necessary facts so they don’t even have to ask.

#4 It tells the stories about the property

This is where the owner can really make the difference. They have been living in this property and at this location so understand so well the real value of this property as a home and as a location for a fantastic lifestyle. There is no better recommendation than that coming from the owner of the property. The owner can add real value to the sale process by offering these stories on an ongoing basis, but having them all included in the website.

#5 It includes regular updates on the property

Just imagine if you were interested in this property and may have even put an offer in on it, but you are informed of any advancements about the sale by updates that occur on the website and emails are sent about these updates to subscribed potential buyers. Potential buyers can get the latest information by just going to the website. It could create an atmosphere of an online auction.

#6 It mentions all inspection times

If you want to have an inspection of the property you do not need to phone, just go to the website. Maybe you want to inspect again for the second time, and the website tells of the next open day. What about including on the website a virtual tour of the house, either in picture or video format?

The Individual Property Website can be so much more than just an advertisement. You have to make it alive with regular information changes that are keeping the interested parties up to date. The days of working the phones are coming to an end, customers want to get the information themselves and when they want it, even if it is 2am in the morning. The Individual Property Website has the real potential of developing such efficiency in the sale process because you are creating a resource central hub with all relevant information.

Here is an opportunity to start a new wave in Marketing Real Estate by using a marketing tool that is so easy to use and now so reasonably priced. So click on below for this Introductory Offer, now and try for yourself and start making a difference to Real Estate Marketing by using Individual Property Websites.

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