Why do we need Individual Property Websites in Real Estate Marketing?

Barry Osborne

Where does the Future lie in Real Estate Marketing? It is NOT press advertising that is for sure but more towards Individual Property Websites as the focal point. 

What brings the True Entrepreneur out in you?” was one of my earlier blogs and it made the point that when an True Entrepreneur gets his/her mind set on a business, there is nothing that will hold them back from achieving their goal; the success of their new business. It is as if they have a premonition that the market place needs this sort of service or product and no matter if the market is not just ready for it, they will persist until the market catches up with the idea that this is in fact needed.

I am sure that there are many people in the Real Estate Industry saying that Individual Property Websites are not needed and that they have too many websites to worry about now with their agency website and the multi-listing sites such as



and now all these other sites which allow you to sell  your own home such as





We also have our own Real Estate Industry social network site www.housenet.com.au  which covers much more than just selling real estate. There are many more that I have not mentioned here, so I can understand why people would say that we already have too many websites, so why do we need the Individual Property Website?

That is the question I would like to answer in this blog by the following information:

  • Why do nearly all businesses have their own Individual Websites?

Can you ever imagine that a business selling services or products would list their services or product only on a communal website where all their competitors sell as well? Well I sure can’t and I would only go on a communal site for my business in order to demonstrate that we had the cheapest product in the market place.

  • Why then don’t we have an Individual Property Website for our house sale?

Good question when you consider our most important asset is our home and yet we don’t even give it the importance of its own site.  Even more an issue for those people who have sold in the last few years and now realise the money they have lost out of their major life’s investment. If you have been like me, you are always selling when you shouldn’t be selling and buying when the market is at its peak. That is Murphy’s Law; but how much money have we lost. In this modern day of marketing did we do the best by our investments by spending on those expensive press advertisements (that only occur for one edition) and not by broader marketing techniques such as Individual Property Website.

  • If we have an Individual Property Website do we still need those other websites?

Yes, those other websites are important for buyers to go to in order to peruse a large range of properties for sale that may interest them in the one location. But in your advert on those sites, you should be redirecting them to your individual site in order to get the complete details on your property. It is the centre of all information about your property and it is regularly updated where the other site is really just a digital advertisement that stays the same, but entices interested parties to your site for more information.

  • You must understand that your goal is to sell YOUR property not everyone else’s.

So if you do some marketing through your contacts, friends, neighbours, social networks and you want to direct them to your sale advertisement, then the last place you want to send them is to a site where everyone else has their property for sale. This is even worse for the Agent because they can lose potential clients because all their competitors are there as well and they want to keep their buyers on the hook for their properties.  

  • Your other Goal is to Sell your property at the Best Price Possible

In achieving this you need to get to as many potential buyers as possible. The more marketing you do to broaden the net in capturing the attention of potential buyers, means the greater the need to direct potential buyers to a particular site. This should be your individual site and not a site that is not really concerned that much about your property sale. These sites are more interested in the marketing of all properties and of themselves. 

I believe confidently in the future that Individual Property Websites are the way to go to ensure your property gets the greatest exposure as well as ensuring any prospective buyer has all the information in one location to make an informed decision. But more importantly be able to read about all the important reasons why this property is such a great home, from the most informed people, the people who have lived in the property for the last 10 years or so.

Because of this belief, I have made these websites available at a much reduced price as an Introductory Offer, so that you can see how easy it is to produce, maintain and take control of broadening your marketing net. So please click on below and go to the area where you can create your own Individual Property Website.