3 essential outcomes to ensure with Social Media in Real Estate

Barry Osborne

Social Media in Real Estate can appear to be a strange combination at this time but one thing is for sure, that Social Media is going to stay and develop further; no business can afford NOT to be a part.

For those who are involved in Social Media, you have found that it can be a very time consuming exercise. For that reason, you must have a very clear direction as to what you are doing and what you want to achieve out of it all. There are 3 things that I believe are critical in being achieved, which are:

#1 Developing a Brand

This is a multi-layer branding that you wish to achieve in Real Estate Marketing because it includes the following:

A.The Agency Brand

Every agency wants their agency to stand out from all the other agencies that are there, and as we know there are many. As you also know, they all attempt to present themselves in a way that demonstrates that they are better than the others. This has been mostly done by colours and image which in the world of Social Media, probably doesn’t count for much at all. It is now more about what the agencies are offering in advice as well as what customers are saying about them. In this day and age, saying nothing is nothing also, so it is critical that Agencies are inter-reacting with their customers within the social networks so that others can appreciate what sort of operation they are.

B.The Salesperson Brand

Immediately, the first image that anyone would think of a successful Real Estate Agent is their flashy car, stylish clothes, and confident talker. But this has no relevance to the Social Media audience. They want to hear about how this agent can help them sell their property quickly and at a good price. A big ask; needing honesty and straight talking to ensure the property owner is not being lead along with unrealistic expectations, only to be let down afterwards when the sale price offers are way off mark and the property fails to sell. This property owner has the potential to be a dissatisfied customer who will use their Social Media network to describe their experience with the Salesperson and the agency. If this was a negative experience, then you don't want it.

C.The Property Brand 

Every property has its own image that must be presented in such a way that it projects its best features. This is where the professionalism of the Salesperson and the Agency will show through in the advice that is given and the enforcing of a certain standard of presentation of the property in order to go to market. The Story of this Property has to be impressive if the exposure is going to be achieved. There is no one who understands the property better than the people who live in it. But how often are they involved in the selling process? There is a certain amount of credibility that comes from the owner’s opinion and the value of which is very much under estimated. Sales spiel is accepted for just what it is “just sales talk” but frank and honest opinions are what Social Media thrives on.


#2 Developing Recognition of Expertise

In this modern internet world, very few people will simply accept things for what they are told. They will research out whatever the service they require and the company they are going to do business with. They expect to get that information from the Internet and if they can’t get that information, then they will more likely go with a company that they can get information on. But those days of simply having a website with a lot of flowery words and nothing much else to back up their expertise, will be the downfall of a company. Successful companies will have to put the time and effort into being a credible source of good helpful advice that will come through in the searches that potential customers are doing on the Internet. This will be required both of Agencies as the company and the salesperson as a professional and knowledgeable operator. This will not be achieved by simply putting your name out there on bus stands or in advertisements for much longer. Social Media will demand more from you and you will need to do it.


#3 Developing a Co-ordinated Effort   

The biggest issue is that so many things have to be done and it seems that it is an impossible task to bring all the various efforts together. You have to be concerned about search engine results and make certain that people searching the web will find you. You need to be a part of a number of Social Media Networks and within those networks you should be developing a respected presence by joining groups and communities and being an active part of the various discussions. But the central focal point of your presence should always be your website. This is where all your blogs should be written and where all your social media are linked to and where everything is being monitored from.


This appears to be an impossible task. Well it is not. I was just like you at the start and thought to myself "How do you pull all this together?" Then I found HubSpot in the US who were offering software that will co-ordinate the whole marketing process for you. It is something you must see to believe.