Loving the flexible real estate lifestyle part 2

Scott Hunt

I had a conversation with a real estate agent last night who recently quit his job in a high profile real estate agency because he was sick and tired of working under the old agency model where he was set high sales targets every month, was expected to meet them without fail, and retained a smaller portion of any commissions he earned than the agency itself did.

This particular agent had worked under this model for over 10 years. Finally he had enough. I too have worked under this model. It took me a lot less than 10 years to realise that this model was flawed.

As I said in my previous post, one of the things I love about being a real estate agent is the flexible lifestyle and daily variety it offers. Being stuck in an office from 9 to 5 bores me silly. Plus, in real estate, if we are stuck in an office all day something is wrong. Agents should be out and about, talking to vendors and buyers, meeting potential new clients and just engaging generally in the community.

The old school real estate model is expensive to run. High overheads of at least $80,000 – $100,000 per year, high set-up costs, and time intensive administration requirements mean that agencies require a high turn over in property sales just to keep the doors open. In order to successful, principals need to put enormous pressure on themselves, their staff and , in turn, their clients.

This is why I created the Aspiron Real Estate model.

Today’s internet and communications technology has changed the way people purchase real estate. Yet in most instances real estate agencies have not embraced the opportunity this presents. By creating a real estate model that utilises the internet to it full potential, Aspiron Real Estate offers its agents and licensees the opportunity to live a flexible real estate lifestyle with superior work/life balance, maximise profit, and keep workload to a level that allows a customer driven real estate service.

A virtual or centralised real estate office model creates the opportunity to build a business that is not driven by high overheads. This way our agents can focus on providing quality rather than quantity when it comes to customer service and turnaround of listings. Agencies that are driven by a demanding bottom line put profit before people. I am determined that our company does it the other way around.

I am very excited to be a part of the real estate revolution. Many industries are now embracing the virtual office model. The real estate industry should be no different.


Scott Hunt is a Torquay and Geelong real estate agent and the founding director of Aspiron Real Estate. Aspiron offers agents a flexible, modern real estate model.