But how can I be Marketing Real Estate on Social Media?

Barry Osborne

Can Real Estate Marketing make the transition to Real Estate Social Media? 

The real issue we have is that the focus is on SELLING A PROPERTY, which should be left in the past. The emphasis now should be on the relationship that is being developed and sales will follow. 

In the past, so many organisations found that their Sales Department and the Marketing Department were very much worlds apart. Today it has changed drastically because they are focussed on the same outcome; to build relationships with people who are so impressed with the company that they become a customer.

What a big transition for the Real Estate Industry?

Maybe it does not need to be. We have often heard from Real Estate Agents about their vast contact list of buyers. So these are the buyers who have contacted them in the past about a property purchase and probably not successful so they are still considering a purchase. This is not much different to the Friends in Facebook, Connections in LinkedIn, Circles & Communities in Google+ or any other social medium that anyone is working in the modern world of Social Media.

To many they will say that they have changed and they are committed to the internet. But has it changed? In the old system, these data names came to you from the advertisement or the sign on the property but now that is not working the same way. But we do have now the web sites like www.realestate.com.au  and www.domain.com.au  and even many more now in the last few years. But what has changed, it is still the old system, but an advertisement in a digital format.

A much bigger step needs to be taken.

It is no longer selling to your clients. You need to be earning the right to consider that this offer maybe what you are looking for to solve your issues. As time goes on, everyone will realise the focal point is your website. So as a Real Estate Agency you want to attract people to your website; The Dilemma of the Modern World. The research from HubSpot of their top 50% performing companies, shows that if 1000 clients logged onto your website for whatever reason, only 1.9% would take the next step of taking up an offer from you and not just looking (that means 19 people), and from them maybe a third would become a customer and actually buy (which means 6). So it is a numbers game, and you better be doing the necessary work to get people attracted to you and your site if you want to get results.

The diagram below from HubSpot really diagrammatically shows what you are trying to achieve.


The work is really cut out for us

But think on it. There are many of you who have spent a lifetime in the Industry and have a wealth of information and more importantly have such good advice for people buying and selling property. That is all you have to do. Answer the issues of the people out there in the world of the Internet and build up an audience who are impressed with your knowledge. They are no longer simply impressed by ads flashed in their face. The most amazing thing about this new world is that you just have to be yourself and be sincere. You are committed to this industry and you want people in the internet world to understand that you are there to help and to make certain they don’t make a mistake. Just how hard it must be for the sleazier operator. The modern way of marketing has made it hard for them because insincerity is easily picked up particularly when they have to produce ongoing good advice.

The Job is NOT to sell but to attract a following

Once you have achieved that then you have a responsibility to give your audience what they are after. They are following you because of your Real Estate Advice so why would they not be interested in a good investment property or THEIR DREAM (a wonderful family home) that has just come on the market. But it will be the way you put the offer, it cannot be the Hard Sell or they will switch off.

You will attract people from around the world, and your market is more likely to be fairly local, so you need to build Pages and Communities within the social Media that really is more local to present your opportunities. The real goal is to get your friends and connections to share with their friends and connections the information you are giving. Just imagine the potential, if you do this well you have circles of influence growing and being recommended. Even better, in your journey you will find so many people in Social Media who are so eager to help you and give good advice, all for FREE.

Just like this morning receiving a comment from a Steve James in Canada with great advice particularly with his last statement really summing up what you need to achieve. Thanks Steve for summing up by blog so well this morning.

“The amount of time that people spend on their mobile devices isn't just for games. They are communicating with each other. What are they talking about? With mobile access to social media, they could be talking about your business! Who do you know that secretly wants more personal self-defence, but haven't asked for it? You just don't know. become the subject they are talking about.” 

This is a whole new world where we are all are learning but I am sure you believe just like me, that the potential of this medium is enormous for those people who will change their marketing ways. So if you want to learn more download this FREE eBook now, and start the learning process of using Social Media in your business now.