Will Social Media for Real Estate marketing become main stream?

Barry Osborne

This could have been a similar question being asked in the early 1900’s about Press Advertising and how effective it was going to be. But one thing is for sure, Social Media Marketing is only going to grow.

The issue is that it is new and it seems all too hard as to how to make it work and bring the results. But something is for sure, in order to use it we have to change the way we operate. Following on from my blog of yesterday, it is important to understand that one of the differences between Entrepreneurs and most people is that Entrepreneurs only see something new as exciting and a challenge, when most other people look at it as just overwhelming.

So maybe this Social Network medium is not so different:

#1 Get your Message out there

This still has to be done. In the case of a press advertisement, you simply broadcasted the offer to everyone, you got a very concise message into as much press as you could afford. You got the message in their face, it triggered a response in the buyer and hopefully you picked up a few people who were interested.

The Old Press Ad transaction resized 600 


Now this interaction has completely reversed. The customer or buyer is out there and are searching for a solution to an issue that they may have. Now you have to be in the area of their search offering helpful advice as how you may help solve their issue. More and more people are searching the internet and not even looking at the press any longer. So can you afford NOT to be doing something in this new area of the Internet world?

Social Media transaction

You have to simply change your approach from being this broadcaster of simple advertisements to become this helpful knowledgeable person who will solve their issue for them.

#2 Searching for Information

In the old way with the press ad you mentioned the real benefit in a headline that may capture their attention as they scan the paper. The most successful advertisement was supposedly the BEX ad that ran in the classified section for many years with the simple headline PAIN. People with headaches related immediately.

Well now with the internet, people are searching for more in depth information and they probably won’t even look at the advertisement. But they search the information as to what their need is at that time. It could be “buying a house in inner city Brisbane”. Was it not very fortunate, that a forward thinking young real estate agent in Paddington had just written a Blog on “Good Value in Buying a Property in Inner Brisbane Area”. Gee, this person seemed to know what they are talking about, maybe we should contact them and discuss our situation.

They want the detailed information to think on before doing anything.

#3 Want assurance of Credibility

In the old system, the customer got their confidence by image of the Brand, the style of the advert, and the confidence they projected. In many ways this was fairly superficial and a good advertising company could achieve the right image for the company, all you had to do is pay for it.

But it is not so superficial now. The customers want to know who are they are dealing with and now they will do their research. If your company is not out there in the Internet World, well guess what you will not be seen, you will not have the credibility and people will not use you. You can use all the flowery words like reputable, experienced, award winning, trust worthy, honest, but they will be seen as just words and glossed over.

What the modern day consumer wants now is the helpful information and it is not simply one blog in 12 months, it has to be regular. You have to work at it to earn your credibility and when they Google your name or agency, just make certain they are getting the helpful information they need. What makes it even better, that now if they like something they tell you and even better if you are real good, they will share it with all their friends.

So the real issue is, “Can you be without it? Just like in the days of Yellow Pages, you just had to be in it, to be in the position to have the customer contact you. But no longer with Yellow Pages, now it is being part of the Social Media medium and learn how you can make it work. It is up to you, so download this FREE eBook and start your education process today.

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