ACTION with Marketing a Property using your Buyer Personas

Barry Osborne

Now you have seen how to prepare your Buyer Personas, it is time to put them to good use in your Real Estate Marketing.

In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about how marketing was so easy in previous times, by simply just preparing each year, the Yellow Pages Advert. I think that much of the advertisements in the press and in some of the major internet sites are still like that. You prepare an advert, publish it and then forget about it. The vendor has something to see for their money and is praying that something comes out of it, and the agent waits for potential buyers to contact him/her to discuss the property.

I think the whole exercise of the marketing with the Buyer Persona in mind, programs the agent's mind to search out and not necessarily just be waiting for the potential buyer to come to them. So you have an ACTION Plan to search out this group of people and make certain they are aware of this fantastic home that is now on the market. So one starts to think about where will I find such people?

It is amazing how just the THINKING changes things; you become Active not Passive.

So what can one do in thinking outside the square in finding as many potential buyers as possible in order to achieve a great sale? Well you can be assured of one thing and that is if you sit and wait for the buyers to find you, there are only going to be a few buyers and possibly not a great sale result.

The Property.

An old couple is selling the family home after 30 years and rearing their family there. The children have moved out and now the house is really too large for just an older couple. The house needs some upgrading as little work has been done on the property for the last 15 years. It is an ideal property for a young couple who have just started a family. It is in a reasonable inner city area of a large metropolitan city.

The Potential Buyers.

It just so happens that we have a Buyer Persona for this group and it is Jack & Jill+. This is a couple who own a unit within this locality for the last 5 years. Jill who is now aged 30 years is pregnant with her first child. She is still working for the next 3 months as a Marketing Manager for a firm importing promotional items. Jack is 32 years old and has a good position as a Sales Manager for a large US computer software company. Both Jack & Jill are very computer savvy and uses the internet for everything they do. They are very much connected in Social Media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Jill also in Pinterest. They both work long hours and are very excited about the prospect of having a family home that they can renovate.

So where can I find such a couple such as this?

Too often, industries become too set in their ways, and sometimes it needs some free thinking.

So brainstorming ideas as to how you can contact a certain group of people is important. It doesn’t have to be normal, you and the industry needs new thinking and trying new ways of getting to the potential buyers is paramount in getting sales that reach vendors expectations.

So reading their story, and thinking of their life, there are a few ideas that come to mind for our search, which are:

#1 They live in the vicinity.

Therefore, any initial marketing really needs to be fairly local in nature. But this could include local papers, community notice boards, coffee shops notice boards.

#2 They are starting a Family.

They are going to be seeking out child care centres and schools in the area. So if these organisations have newsletters to send out to parents of children who are registered with the school then maybe you can get a story in the newsletter.

#3 They are living in a Unit at present.

Why not prepare a small flyer that can be distributed to only the units in a reasonable vicinity of the house.

#4 They are heavily into Social Media.

So the main focus should be through the internet, this is where they get their information.There are so many opportunities available such as creating Pages in Facebook or Google + for this particular property and then write a story on the property and promote throughout the Social Media sites to attract your Buyer Persona. Most sites are now allowing you to broadcast to certain demographic groups or place advertisements. 

#5 They are reasonably young, so what do they do in their Leisure time.

They maybe members of recreation clubs or sporting clubs which are areas where they spend time and can be connected with.

It is important to keep in mind, that all the things that happens or is happening in their lives are trigger points to their attention. So the Persona is a great way of creating headlines, or topics for blogs, for it will grab their attention, and that is the whole purpose. There is so much information coming at us all today, that we want to ensure we get through our personas filter system and not get our important message discarded. We are after connection, so we must ensure we understand the lives and the needs of the people we are searching out for.

#IMPORTANT#The central Hub to all your marketing is your Individual Property Website.   

This is the centre for information and should be updated regularly and all marketing is being directed back to the website for interested parties to get the information. So connecting and not directing them somewhere is a total waste of time. So see how easy it is today to create your own Individual Property Website.

The one lesson I have learnt from all my businesses, if you do not try anything different but keep doing things the same way, sooner or later your business will start going backwards. You cannot be concerned so much about the concern that everything you do will be successful; because it won't. It is often the things that didn’t work that puts you onto a whole new track of thinking. So let your imagine go wild as to the ways and means of gaining contact with your buyer personas.

The Buyer Persona exercise is a critical component of your marketing strategy which you cannot neglect. If you have not already, download this Free Buyer Persona Template and put some real understanding behind your marketing.

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