Real Estate Marketing hits the target by using Marketing Personas

Barry Osborne

With Internet Marketing it is not all about Selling; it is more about helping people with a need. So with Marketing Real Estate we need to change the focus from the property to the customer.

This is the reason for Marketing Personas. It changes the focus so you are aiming at the right buyer for a property and if you don’t have them already, you go searching specifically for them. All modern day businesses have to ensure that they are efficient and effective and nowhere is this more important than in the marketing section of your business. We cannot afford to use the shotgun approach as discussed in my previous blog.

For the last 20 years of my business career, I operated a Serviced Office type operation in North Sydney and I use to refer to my marketing in that operation as Relationship Marketing. But it was very much dependent on time, to really develop the relationship. The use of Personas I believe is very much shortening that whole process, by developing your mind into understanding the needs of your customer, even before you have even met. So if you are like me and believe how important relationships are in your business, then Internet Marketing and the development of Personas are for you.

Why we need to create Personas?

Marketing Personas are not optional in modern day marketing if you want your marketing to be effective and achieve results for your organisation, such as:

  • Increases alignment across the Organisation.

The whole organisation should be involved in the development of the company’s Personas because they will all be using them. For once, you will now have the marketing section and the sales section working together.

  • Achieves the right type of traffic, leads and customers

Because you are focussed on your ideal customer and their needs, you are able to develop that website traffic which seems like just numbers, to actual people as leads, and fostering them into customers.

  • Efficient use of time spent

Everything you are doing towards building a bigger customer base is now focussed on your ideal customer and not on people who will never really appreciate or need your services.

  • Product development aligned to customer needs

This is the real future of your business. By your relationship with your customer, you start to appreciate their stresses and their needs and by this you start to understand how you can help them. This is the basis of building of all new business and stronger business.

  • Helps you to relate to your customers

Because you understand the issues that your customers are having, you are always considering things from their perspective and this only nurtures long term relationships.

But we must remember that Personas are NOT

  • Specific real people

  • Influenced by changes in Technology

  • Roles

  • Target markets

How to create these personas?

It is important to remember that your business has a wealth of information within its data base of customers. So this is where you start, by doing the following:

  • Research your customer files

  • Interview your customers to achieve more data

  • Meet with the Sales people and get their input on customers

  • Collect data from offers made on your website or on your blogs

  • Never forget that there is the Internet to get Information on everything and everyone

What is the information required to create a persona?

This will differ somewhat on whether your business is dealing in B2B or B2C type marketing. There are 6 major areas of information to be included:

1. Demographics – Personal Information

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Married or not

If married any children

2. Role & Company Details (More emphasis is placed on this in B2B)

  • What is their job role and title?

  • What is their typical day like?

  • What skills are required?

  • What knowledge and tools do they use?

  • Who do they report to and who reports to them?

  • What industry or Industries does their company work in?

What is the size of the company?

3. Goals (Much emphasis on this with B2C)

  • What are they responsible for?

  • What does it mean to be successful?

4. Challenges (Much emphasis on this with B2C)

  • What are their biggest challenges?

This is critical so you know how you and your services can help. Need to get as much information as possible.

5. Watering Holes

  • How do they learn about new information?

  • What publications or blogs do they read?

  • What associations and social networks do they belong?

This is the means by which you are going to find them first and communicate with them to develop them into customers.

6. Shopping Preferences

  • How do they prefer to interact with vendors? Email, phone or in person?

  • Do they use the internet to research for services or products? If yes, how do they search?

This is allowing you to really understand the lifestyle of your future customers, also important in being able to find them and to develop a channel of communication.


The fundamental Principles of Persona Profiles

  • Focus on behaviours eg., whether computer savvy

  • Keep it fictional but realistic, call them Marketing Mary (not their real name)

  • Inset a picture, much more meaningful, and it is able to capture more about their lifestyle and hobbies

  • Create a full story about the persona and add as much detail as possible

  • You may have 3 personas in your business, but focus on one to get things moving

Example of a Persona in a brief type format

If you are a start-up company, then a brief format like this maybe better until you have gained enough information on your ideal customer. With time, change the format to be a more detailed document.

Stay at Home Mum Persona


Now it is up to you. Take the time to put the persona development into practice because this will become the basis of your drive towards developing more ideal customers for your business. If this blog has stimulated your appetite for more information, then download this eBook on this topic for greater depth of subject. You won’t regret it and good luck in the development of a whole new perspective on your business.                                                                                                                                            

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