5 compelling ways of NOT using a shotgun when Marketing Real Estate

Barry Osborne

It is a real issue when an Industry gets to a stage where the one way is the only way in Marketing Real Estate.

The issue becomes an approach of over kill; you need to get in the face of as many people as possible to sell a single property. But the issue really is that we have NOT understood the facts, which are:

  • The power of Newspapers has greatly reduced.

The facts as stated from Crikey.com.au (July 28 2013)

“The latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations show carnage across the board, with a 5.7% slump in weekday newspaper circulation over the past year. 

The magazine industry was a disaster zone — especially in the monthlies where 16 major titles recorded big losses.”

  •  Media Buyers are on guard as newspaper sales deteriorate

From www.bandt.com.au (May 10 2013) 

“Media buyers and analysts have reacted with concern but little surprise to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures that show newspaper and magazine sales in Australia continue to plummet.”

So what can be done in Marketing a Property to ensure that we get to the right people who would be interested in buying a particular property? Well, the important thing is definitely NOT TO USE THE SHOTGUN APPROACH of the big advertisement in the newspapers, as it is too expensive for the limited exposure and there are no guarantees that it will bring the results anyway.

So we need a new approach and start using the techniques of Inbound Marketing by using the following compelling ways to reach the right audience for the properties for sale:

# 1 What is the specific market for a particular property?

The old way which still seems the way at the moment, is to market to everyone and hope that the right people find you. This is totally inefficient in finding the right buyers as well as very expensive with no guarantee of success.

The essential feature of Internet Marketing is that the marketing becomes very focused and therefore very personal. You need to focus on a very clear category of customer. Therefore you need to know who your customer is. In the case of a property, I believe we would all agree that all properties are different, and so you can be assured that each property would be suited to a very specific group of people. Just think on this for a moment ..... Let's look at some examples

  • Units 

are more likely sought after by singles, young couples and older retired couples. 

  • Houses 

These are mainly sought after by families and depending on the price range, whether it be an older family or a younger family. A home that needs renovating is probably the younger family as it is the start up home.

This is simply a demographic breakdown, a target audience.

# 2 Aim directly at a specific Marketing Persona

Inbound Marketing has taken this to a totally different level. The Marketing Personas have been developed so you can understand who in fact you want to talk to and what you are offering is very much satisfying their needs. From your experience or market research, you know that a particular property is ideally suited to a young family who may have the following background and situation:

  • Husband is an electrician is 34 years old with his own fairly successful business
  • The wife is 32 years old and at home with the children at present but in future wants to get back to work as a teacher 
  • They have two small children
  • They want their children to attend a specific primary school 
  • They most likely live in close proximity to that school already 
  • The present home is not sufficient for their needs

But Marketing Personas go further in that you want to know what sort of life they are living, what are the stresses of life they are having at present, how do they communicate to their friends and family and what are their leisure pursuits, and how do they get their information as to what is happening in their world.

Most customers of any business would fit into maybe 3 to 5 personas. So you would expect that a particular property for sale would fit into one of these personas and you would go and market directly to that particular persona.

# 3 Identify the Persona for the Property

Personas are not real people but are archetypes that discribe the various goals and observed behaviour patterns among your potential customers. But by creating them you now have an image of a person and an understanding of their life so that you can really write focussed articles or advertisements that your potential buyers can relate to.

# 4 Drive the Marketing to that Persona

Now that you have an understanding of the lifestyle of the Persona you can start thinking of ways and means of getting into contact with such people. You think of their lifestyle; what do they do in a day, where do they go, what do they read, what medium do they use. The answers to these questions then create opportunities for you to make real contact with real people who are the real market for your property. 

# 5 Have an Individual Property Website

But making contact is one thing, now you need to direct them to somewhere that will answer their dilemma; a new home that can make their life better. This requires an Individual Property Website which specifically answers their concerns and all the latest information about the property. Simply sending them to a combined propery site only gives them options that makes the buying decision harder and even worse lose your sale. 

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