Vision Statements are a Load of Crap

Graeme Salt

I have always thought that vision statements were a load of crap. This was confirmed when I attended a presentation by a marketing expert this week.

 My dislike of vision statements is twofold:

  • They are wordy and clumsy and cannot express properly what a business does
  • The property industry is renowned for sharks with unethical practices – which warm and fuzzy words on a glossy brochure cannot fix

The marketing expert said that a mantra was a far more effective way of articulating what a business does. I was relieved to hear this as my mantra has always been “look after your clients and they will look after your business.”

No vision statement will overcome the way the industry is perceived. And, when it comes to home loans, it is vital that the client trusts you. After all, if someone is borrowing half a million dollars, it is vital they have confidence in whoever they are dealing with.

I never read testimonials on websites because, frankly, they could have been invented by anyone. And we have all heard of people buying Twitter followers and Facebook Likes.

But sometimes, something happens that is absolute gold for you business – and give the business person reassurance that they are doing the right thing. Twice this week, that has happened to me:

  • First, unprompted, Matt Allen (a client) wrote a lovely reference of my Linkedin page about some work I had done for him
  • Then, I received an unsolicited call from someone. A few years ago I had financed his brother’s property purchase – apparently I had done a good job

Things like this give business owners a lot of pride – look after your customers and they will look after your business.