Individual Property Website- What exactly does this involve?

Barry Osborne

To create an Individual Property Website must be fairly difficult and take some knowledge of what to do! Wrong. No longer, it only takes 7 Easy Steps. 

When I wanted to sell one of my farms, and believed that the real market for the sale was a family who wanted a life change to a rural area, I found all the existing websites that were available to list your property were all based on LOCATION searches. Most people in the city would not know the locality of the farm, to include in the search. So I created my own Farm Website to get to the potential buyers. But most people cannot go through the enormous learning phase to do that.

So we have created a website  , where you can easily create your own website, by just doing the following:

To Get Started you need to do:

  • Register your name as a User on the Site

Just go to the web site  home page and click on Register on the Tool Bar and complete your registration and click on Register and get started.

  • Now you can start to create

Once you have registered it will take you back to the Home Page where you now click on Create & Pricing on the tool bar and get started in creating your website or simply click on Create your page now, the green button.

  • Pick your Page Plan 

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STEP # 1 Choose a Template

Individual Property Website - Templates

Just pick one that you think you may like by clicking on it. (If you don’t like it at the end you can simply go back to the edit mode in your Dashboard, change the template and the whole page changes). Then click Save and Continue.

STEP # 2 Fill in the Property Information form 

Once you click on the various boxes, prompts will come up to lead you through the various boxes. More detail in explanation is given by clicking on the blue Help Button. So go down and fill in the various boxes with your information.

Individual Property Website - Title

This section may confuse you, so I will give you some suggestions. It is not a bad idea to have your Custom page link and the Title the same, but it is up to you. Just remember not to make the title too long or otherwise it may wrap around onto a second line and throw the page out a little. Now you should think of the words that sum up your property. What about Fantastic Home Manly as the Title? The custom page link will be fantastichomemanly making the URL for your website .

The Tagline goes across the photo so just don't make it too long. But you can preview your page through its construction and most importantly you can easily edit once you are finished, which is probably better to do.

Some sections are simply drop down boxes to choose from. At any time you can click on the bottom and save what you have done and leave what you are doing. Then you can come back later and log on again, and click on your email address at the end of the tool bar and in the drop down click on Dashboard. Click on In progress this will take you to In progress pages and then click on Resume Page, it will start at the beginning but just go to where you got up to previously.

Individual Property Website - Dashboard

STEP # 3 Fill in the Stories Section

This is the important section of telling the very special stories on why this is such a great property to live in and rear a family. Make certain you load up special photos because they say so much more than words. Don't just talk about the house, talk about the very special features of the area in which you live and the great lifestyle you enjoyed there. Not a bad idea to load up one story at a time and when you save, it will take you to the next page, just click onPrevious Step and go back to the Stories section and add another one.

STEP # 4 Load up your Photos

The first three should be the main photos at the top of your page so make certain they are the best. It is important that the photos are not too big, so the ideal size is about 1Mb or below in size. The Help button will tell you about a site to go to, to reduce them if it is required, but don't reduce too small for the 3 main feature photos. The more professional these photos are the better. Not so critical in the Stories, but these are the pictures that will sell your house.

STEP # 5 Fill in your Inspection Times

This is simply to put in any inspection times. If it is by appointment only just put that in the comments box.

STEP # 6 Load up your important Attachments

This is where you can load any relevant documents. This is where you can give confidence to the potential buyer by supplying as much relevant documentation as possible such as:

  • plans and layouts of the house
  • Council Approval letters of additions
  • Awards that the house may received
  • Building or Pest Inspections
  • Articles on the great living lifestyle in that area

The more information the better.

STEP # 7 Fill in the Exposure Section

This is where you can set your SEO components for your page as well your Social Networks links for people to follow. This is critical so that your website can be found.

Individual Property Website - SEO

This section needs to be filled in with you in the mind of your potential buyer and what he/she may search for. So the following example may be put into the boxes:

SEO Title will be House for Sale Manly

SEO Discription will be A fantastic property which will create a wonderful home is now on the market at 20 James Street Manly.

SEO keywords will be house for sale Manly, 20 James Street Manly, great property buy Manly, good property sales Manly.... These will be the actual search entries that someone will put into google so think of other things that they may include and just put a "," in between.

The next section is all your Social Networks. It is not a bad idea to create a Facebook page, a twitter account and a Google+ page for your property and put those URLs into this section. Just remember this is where all the action is with modern day people, so it gives you the real opportunity to get your property sale out to a wider audience.

TO FINISH Payment and Taking your Page Live

You can pay by credit card but put the Voucher Number in at the top and it will apply your discount.

I hope I have covered most of the process to ensure that it is as easy as possible. But I am sure you will find it easy by simply going through the process step by step. Please give us your feedback  by going to the Contact Section so that I can add to the Help section any issues that customers like you are having. Your feedback is essential to the development of our site. 

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