Marketing a Property must be aligned with all modern marketing

Barry Osborne

Marketing a Property must start with an Individual Property Website if it is to improve and get in line with modern day marketing.

Why you ask? The whole issue is that you want to ensure whatever the marketing you’re doing is effective. It is theIndividual Property Website that becomes the central Hub of all your marketing, whether it be running press ads, blogging, spreading the news through Social Media, or just notifying friends and acquaintances. 

It is critical to appreciate the following factors about an Individual Property Website and they are:

1. The Website is NOT the be all and end all of marketing, it is just the beginning.

It is totally wrong to consider that once you have a website than people just flock to your wonderful site. That will not happen. You need to now attract people to that site and that will only occur if the person has a need to go to the site. Normally, for normal  websites you work at getting people there by blogging and good SEO development of the site. The problem that an Individual Property Website has is TIME. It will take too long to achieve the awareness of the site by normal modern means. Therefore you need to direct people to the site. That can only be achieved by making interested people go to the site for the much needed information.

  2.      It should be the Fountain of all information

It is critical not to think of your website as just an advertisement. In fact, when your house goes onto the Agent’s website or on  or  or the many other websites available they are just really advertisements just like the press advertisements except they are on the internet. But you are there with all the other properties which make it hard for your property to stand out above the rest. These sites are never really updated and they remain as they are a static advertisement.

But most people take much effort to buy their home in the first place. They often go to a lot of expense and trouble to make it a much better home. Therefore, in light of the new Inbound Marketing you are not really selling a house; you are offering someone an opportunity to take over a wonderful home. People usually keep their home on average about 10 years and the reason they are selling is because their circumstances have changed. Just think of the wonderful things that you can tell about living in this home. The credibility of information coming from the owner is held in very high regard. So make your Property Website a real story about your experiences at that address.

Include the plans if you have them, the Council approvals, or any other document that tell of the journey in creating this wonderful home. Add to the site regularly, any updates on the property about inspections times, about interest being shown, about offers received, maybe answer some of the questions people are asking that are worth sharing with everyone. This is the location that you want interested parties to go to get the latest news on the property. So make certain the site is kept up to date and is constantly having more informative data being added.

3.      The monitor of all marketing

For anyone to get a new website onto first page of a particular search phrase is going to take many months. So whether you like it or not you do need to do much of the old format of marketing, coupled with the new. Hopefully, your goal is to sell your home within 1 to 3 months. So you want to try different avenues of marketing but always direct them back to your website. In this way, you can see the number off hits that are occurring on your website and you can attribute any upsurge in hits to the particular marketing you were doing at that time. But don’t give away the information on any advert you are doing, just tantalise them with a great headline and photo and direct them to your website to get the information. Remember it is only one click away for them, so it is not hard for them. But for you, you now have their interest registered on your site.

The new way of marketing is not easy but it is has the ability of putting you in control as to what is actually happening with your property marketing.

The days are gone when you could just rely on running a few ads in the paper and you found the buyers. Now, if you want to achieve your goal of selling at a good price than you must get your property to the notice of as many people as possible. That means you need to have a location to direct people to and it is about your property and not every other property in the market place. You will need these other locations to advertise your property, but you want them to always come back to your site, the central hub.

So if your marketing a property, whether it is your own or as a Real Estate Agent selling someone’s property, then give the sale your best shot, by having its own Individual Property Website. To entice you to give it a go, here is a 50% discount on a new site now. Create one now.

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