9 Ways Real Estate Agents Legally Bend The Law When Photoshopping

Jhai Mitchell
I have been reading on forums reading about how home buyers are angry when it involves real estate agents Photoshopping photos: adding "views" out the windows, blue sky, lush bright green lawns. As I browse on they're even  more furious about agents that have removed power lines and additional a view that can't be seen by the property.

real estate agent or photographer photo shopped out a power line


Real estate agent or photographer picture shopped out a power line.

I began to get angry when reading these comments and boy i might be irritated if I arrived at an open home when seeing the 'shopped photos, expecting my dream home and finding a dump!

They should be named and shamed and reported. this might facilitate me get eliminate my bad competition! I found that home buyers were even irritated at Photoshopped piece of furniture, clocks, LCD TVs and paintings, that sparked my curiosity on whether or not it's outlawed or not.

First things first, I would like to inform you why professional photography is so important and why there's an incentive to Photoshop properties.

Think about it. 


once you scroll through the endless list of homes on-line, what grabs your attention? perhaps it’s the price (if they provide it)….. however what causes you to plan to inquire further? Do the photos assist you create this decision? You may be shocked how powerful they're.

Photos have become such a serious influence that some home buyers base their decision of whether or not to view the property entirely on the photos they see. It's gotten to such a degree that real estate agents hold a lot of weight to on-line views than how many individuals come to the home! in reality they're now calling them on-line inspections.

“Why” I hear you raise ask it provides them great analyticsdata to base their educated decisions on, such as;

  • If the advertised price or headline is correct,
  • Whether they want a pair of agents at the open, 
  • How robust the market is, 
  • Helps them gauge how much they will get for the house,
  • Lets them understand if the need to alter the marketing or photos etc


1. Virtual Furniture.

2. HDR Photography.

3. HDR Panoramic Exposure Blending and 360* tour photos.

4. Wide angle lens.

5. We don’t use Photoshop we use Light Room.

6. Shooting different angles at different times to avoid making houses look too small.

7. Zooming in on views making it look closer.

8. Elevated images/Aerial Photography.

9. Disclosure, disclosure, and more disclosure.

(for the full article with how-to do all of these techniques go to this article on my blog "9 Ways Real Estate Agents Legally Bend The Law When Photoshopping")

I left the most effective trick until last which is disclosure. Agents have a legal requirement to disclose information to buyers, and we have no problem in doing this. What this allows us to do is create slight presumptive changes to the advertising as long as we disclose these changes.

E.g. we will add a pleasant image of a park 2km down the road and disclose this as a “location shot”. smart agents recognize this works as subliminal advertising although it's disclosed. buyers could presume you'll be able to see this park from the house, however after they get to the open home they'll tell themselves, “I thought there was a pleasant park here?" This works notably well on a house that doesn’t have many good features.

There are several different ways we will implement to induce buyers to your open home. If you are thinking of selling or troubled to sell your property, feel free to call one of our seasoned agents on (02) 9896 2333.