Does your agent conjunct?

Tegan DeClark
Finding the right person to assist in selling one of your biggest assets can be a daunting task. One question to ask your agent is will they conjunct with other agents. Typically your listing agreement will state the conjunction terms and fees to all agents involved. By offering a conjunction, your agency shares the commission with other real estate agencies who may bring your property to the attention of buyers in their network. This offers another marketing strategy for your property, the opportunity to receive offers from buyers who have built up a relationship with another agent, in addition to your own agents generation of enquiry. Most agents agree to a conjunction, but don't always offer it, as it means splitting the commission. Some say there is also an outdated, unwritten rule that agents don't conjunct in the first week of listing a property. Which goes against the property act and is a dis-service to the vendor says Tegan DeClark from Ray White Toowoomba. "My policy is to conjunct with an agent who brings a buyer, from day one, if it means getting the best price and result for my vendor" Agents will often call and ask if she would conjunct on a listing, to which the answer is always yes and according to the instructions outlined in the listing agreement. "I have had buyers in the past, who have contacted me upon seeing a property they are interested in and the agents representing the property would not conjuct, so my buyers bought elsewhere. It's a mindset which needs to change, the focus should be always on what is in the best interest of the client you are representing" When selling your property, it's prudent to check your agent's position on conjunction. Mrs DeClark would expect nothing less of her agent. "If I was selling my own property, I know I would want my agent to use every opportunity to secure the buyer who is willing and able to purchase, regardless of which agent they put their trust into"