A Little Ray Of Giving - Ray White and Rotary

Tegan DeClark
For some, being charitable can be a chore, but for those who work on the ground to support those in need during times of poverty, homelessness and financial burden.  Charitable giving is in the very nature of their day to day lives.  Locally, charities have stressed that people need to give where they can, especially when it comes to the Christmas season.  Ray White and Rotary have partnered nationwide to ease the pain felt by most families when it comes to gift giving as children are the ones who miss out when things become a struggle. 78 Ray White offices throughout Australia and New Zealand have joined in the "Little Ray of Giving" initiative.  Ray White Toowoomba in partnership with The Toowoomba Garden City Rotary Club have joined the 78 other Ray White offices throughout Australia and New Zealand to lead the "Little Ray of Giving" initiative in the Darling Downs area.  Members of the community are encouraged to wrap a gift and bring it to place under the Christmas tree and write on the tag what gender and age the gift is appropriate, the rotary club will then distribute the gifts locally at Christmas Ray White Toowoomba Co-Principle Lindsay Southwell is humbled by they way staff at his Herries Street office have responded to the call for help.  "Our agents and staff have wholeheartedly engaged in the 'Little Ray of Giving' concept, with posters and letterbox drops being delivered throughout Toowoomba in the next few weeks.  A Christmas tree and gift tags will be located at Ray White Toowoomba's office at 145 Herries Street, Toowoomba. Katrina McDougall, President of the Toowoomba Garden City Rotary Club, is very excited to get behind the project as Charities are finding it harder to meet the demand, especially at Christmas time.  "Through the contacts of the Rotary Club, we are looking to bring little ray of happiness at this very important time in children's lives." A tree will also be erected at Rotary house on Perth Street and if anyone knows of any worthy recipients of this year's cause, please get into contact with Tegan DeClark of Ray White Toowoomba on 0400 262 277 or email tegan.declark@raywhite.com [caption id="attachment_77" align="alignnone" width="625"] A Little Ray of Giving[/caption]