Combat the lack of communication with the right property managers.

Tegan DeClark
With vacancy rates as low as 0.82% and the real estate sales market heating up, it may be the right time to evaluate your current property management company. A few questions you need to ask yourself. Have you been receiving at least the minimum industry standard service? Are you sure that you are receiving the best return in the current market? Would you recommend your property management company to friends and family? A landlord with Ray White Toowoomba, David Humphreys believes he has found the best property managers in town. Ray White have been managing his Spring Street, Middle Ridge property for over 12 months and he has had an outstanding experience. "I have had properties with other agencies before, I will be looking at buying another investment property in the near future and will not be looking any further than Ray White Toowoomba" He said that his experience can be put down to their point of difference in the way they handle their landlords and tenants, which is with honesty, professionalism and good communication skills. "Communication, I like how [Ray White Toowoomba] communicate. What's happening with the tenants to me as the landlord and we work together to sort any issues out" Stacey Holt who is a leading industry expert and director of Real Estate Excellence Academy Pty Ltd, said the most common complaint about property managers in the industry is a lack of communication with landlords and tenants. "Whilst some complaints are founded; it must be said that with a fast paced, pressured society in general, some people also have very high expectations which are at times hard to achieve" Sammi Zeinert from Ray White Toowoomba believes that communication is the key to achieving low vacancy rates and low rent arrears. "I try to think from the owners perspective and imagine what it is that I would want if I was the owner. Regular contact with the lessor helps me to maintain a high level of service and provides the Lessor with the confidence in me that I require to do my job well" The right property manager should be sure you are maximising your return with a rent review at the beginning of all lease renewals and that they are aware of all of the legislation and technology changes. Zeinert agrees, "We are still in the times of fast changing technology and its all a learning process as Property Managers we need to be willing to assist and educate our tenants."