Edge out the competition before Spring

Tegan DeClark
If you have contemplated putting your property on the market, Spring tends to come to mind as the best time to sell. As buyers have already begun to emerge, new listings have been selling quickly. Tegan DeClark from Ray White Toowoomba says that if you are looking to sell, sell early, because the demand is here. "Some people selling their homes have been told to wait, but the sellers receiving the most accurate market advice are ahead of the competition. The ideal scenario for a seller, is to hit the market, when there is high demand for property and very little competition as there is now." Along with timing, the presentation of your property and your choice of agent are key factors which determine your best price achieved against similar properties on the market. By having the garden tidy and attractive, path's swept and cobwebs gone, it goes a long way to showing your property in the best possible light. In the 5 weeks leading up to Spring, home styling with plants is a one option to showcase your property. Robyn Lubach from Plantation Plants offers advice to sellers, "By dressing your property to create that first impression for potential buyers, We work with sellers to decide where and what type of plants will positively effect the sale and value." In any instance, if you plan on being in your new place before Summer and avoiding the risk of buying without capital, it's always a good idea to sell first and then buy.