How to promote your Housenet profile

Housenet Staff

If you work in the property & real estate industries, Housenet user profiles are perhaps the best way present a 'human' face to your clients and business associates. More professional than your Facebook account, but more consumer-focussed than Linked In, Housenet profiles allow you to project just the right public image for business. 

To make the most of this & win more business, we recommend you link from your website or blog to your Housenet profile. Here's how:

1. Select the page you want to show.

Log into your Housenet account & 'edit profile'. Select the page you want to show first when people click on the link;  usually the 'info' page is best, but you may also choose the 'Wall'.


2. Copy your Housenet profile URL from the browser


3. Grab a Housenet Member badge.

In our resources page in the footer menu you'll find a whole bunch of badges you can use as buttons for the link from your own site(s) to your Housenet profile.


4. Insert URL link & badge onto your site.

The best location for the button/link is usually the 'contact' or 'about' page - where ever people are looking for more information on you. This process is super easy, but if you can't access backend of your site you may need to get your web developer to do it for you.

Simply insert the profile URL & attach the Housenet badge as the button, and you're done! This is an example of the profile your site visitors will see.


TIP: Google loves Housenet user profiles, they're great for your SEO as this respected tech blog confirms. Often Housenet member profiles will appear above Twitter or Facebook in Google search results when people are seraching for your name. Google your own name & try it out!